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Dwight Walker has a range of audio visual production and cataloguing skills over the last 20 years. See below for details.

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Digital Productions



We consult re NETGEAR network area storage, switches, modems, audio visual, digital TV, security, cables, wireless.

Much of what is described here can be implemented by using products from NETGEAR from us using our own indexing making it very easy for us to get a good networking solution up for the customer, especially small businesses and home-based offices of which we are one so eat our own dog food.

Gaming News

Since about 2005, we have been planning to develop audio tracks or story lines for video games for mobile phones or gaming devices. This would include Windows XNA games (XBox360/Windows Phone).

In August 2013, I visited QUT Robotronica and 7bit Hero a techno-band played with a live mobile games app animating background of band as they were playing, mixing gaming with music!

Live Streaming

Smart TV and Smartphone Audio and Video Streaming

We are exploring live streaming audio and video to Smart TVs and Android Smartphones or Tablets using Chromecast dongle and Android app.

We stream to Android Smartphones and Tablets via Soundcloud.

Streaming Video On Demand for Events

In July 2011, I explored setting up a wifi/ustream video/podcast recording venture with an ethnic church in Sydney CBD. This never happened probaby due to lack of money. IP TV video on demand will be introduced soon via FetchTV or similar. YouTube for backing was included in a very innovative way.

Home Theatre Remote Control

Google Chromecast

As of March 2016, we setup Chromecast dongle on HDMI TV for YouTube video streaming via NBN Wifi. We plan to extend this to other video and audio streaming via Wifi.

Plex Private Streaming Audio and Video and Pictures

In May 2016, I am exploring NETGEAR ReadyNAS Plex media server for private streaming video and audio and pictures to many devices including mobile, tablet, laptop and digital TV. Plex is a ReadyNAS app as part of the apps developer community, runs on Linux, MacOSX and FreeBSD servers, other NAS, laptops and desktops and is partially open source.

iRule Control of Home Theatre

As of March 2012, we will be installing and setting up Audio Visual Equipment and Lighting by programming iRuleAtHome iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android cloud-based and wireless technology.

This includes digitally managing home theatres, CCTV security cameras and smart digital houses with smart hand-held devices.

As an example of integrating internet and TV, in April 2013, we setup SONY large screen TVs with WiFI to view YouTube, on-demand movies and other internet content.

Rivendell MP3 Radio Automation

In January 2010, I explored configuring a Linux server to run Rivendell when attempting to replace obsolete OS/2 system at Rhema FM in Orange NSW. They opted for a Windows system and reentering all the tracks manually instead of automating the transfer using scripts which I could have done easily. As they only had volunteers and very low budget, the community group did things manually to save money making my ideas impossible to implement.

I invest in or rent my own equipment and training so I don't get left behind by Luddites. I then reap the rewards of investing in new technology and opening up horizons in media broadcasting over the Internet with pretty much limitless possibilities to help the world's peoples no matter where they are or what language and culture they have.

In December 2012, I started working on Wordpress audio streaming project using Rivendell and IceCast but it fell through due to project management bungling (job was cancelled but customer kept probing for specs even though no funds were coming in due to job being cancelled).

eBook Library

In 2012 as Webmaster of Web and Electronic Indexing SIG, I have created an MP3, streaming music, audio and ebook library using a digital library system for entertainment, broadcasting or education. This includes audio books for libraries.

Multimedia ebooks including pictures, animation, video and text will be explored and delivered over the internet.

There are a range of media players for various operating systems.

We supply Network Area Storage and wifi hotspots as NETGEAR reseller to store and serve the digital media.

Mobile Applications and Podcasts

In 2014, we created JSON and organised multimedia audio-visual material for a mobile app in Sencha for English as a Second Language (ESL) Bible movie application.

We plan on creating or broadcasting Podcasts of music and online training using Apple iTunes and MP3s for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and RIM Blackberry.

Samsung TV Tizen Apps

Since 2011, we have started to develop Samsung TV apps using Web tools and multimedia suitable for gaming or medical purposes.

In May 2016, we are including Internet of Things integration using Tizen.

Music Cataloguing

In 1992, I catalogued music CDs in Bowen Library, Maroubra NSW just after I finished my Graduate Diploma Information Management-Librarianship at UNSW. It was a very satisfying job. I got to enjoy snippets of the CDs and saw a music collection being setup properly so people could browse and borrow classical and jazz music.

In 1992, I setup a Mac Filemaker Pro database of sheet music holdings for Music in Communities Network next door to the Australian Music Centre, The Rocks, Sydney.

In 1991, I catalogued music manuscripts of Australian composers at the Australian Music Centre, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW as part of my librarianship diploma at UNSW.

In about 1996, as President of Waverley Randwick Philharmonic Society Inc, I licensed usage of sheet music with APRA/AMCOS.


VoIP Phone Calls

We use and support Skype and VoIP phone calls and videoing systems over the Internet via ADSL or wireless. This works very cost efficiently in Caboolture and lets us service Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, Canberra and other cities far from us at very low cost without being onsite.

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