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Printing over USB Problem

In March 2023, I bought a Brother MFC-L2750DW mono laser multifunction printer and printed OK with Microsoft drivers in Windows 11 and USB cable. After I installed the iPrint and Scan and PaperPort etc on CD, I tried to print when USB was connected and printer was on but got "offline".

I returned printer and got refund. I would have had to get Geek2U to set it up for over $100 so it was not worth it as I am a microbusiness and do all tech support myself.

It is very difficult to uninstall all Brother software only some packages. The rest remained and were deactivated in startup or moved from desktop into junk folder but still remained on disk. CD software treats computer like a DOS machine so user cannot uninstall or find software installed.

I should have enabled rollback on Windows so I could rollback before I installed the Brother software or done backup so I could restore to before installation of Brother software so I had to search further and unlock files to delete them manually.

I manually found all those packages to uninstall using Everything tool on BrLauncher.exe which found folder:

Brother is so shoddy re uninstalling their software.

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Created: 29 Mar 2023 14:51
Last Updated: 29 Mar 2023 22:14

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