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Desktop Warranty Date Update Problem

In March 2021, I bought a Lenovo Windows 10 Ideacentre desktop and found the expiry date was only 6 months not 12 months after purchase. I used their support site and Lena bot to find a link Lenovo Warranty Support that let me submit a PDF of my purchase receipt I received at Officeworks emailed to me at checkout and update the warranty date.

Lenovo should update the purchase date at point of sale using an API or update warranty date when customer registers product online. Lenovo set the warranty date when the retailer receives it not the customer and the product may have sat on the shelf for 6 months before purchase. Updating the warranty date for Lenovo equipment is very frustrating and annoying.

I was not warned at purchase that I would need to upload my receipt to get the right warranty start date. I had to find it out after I had purchased it and brought it home and looked up the serial number on the box and found I only had 6 months left on the warranty of a 12 month warranty a day after I had purchased it so had been ripped off 6 months of warranty.

I waited till the warranty was sorted out and installed it with Windows 10 updates and restored data from Windows 7 desktop to Windows 10 desktop via Macrium Reflect backup to external drive. Warranty start date was accurate 2 days after uploading it.

It appears incorrect date of warranty is there till person registers purchase via warranty update or product registration. This is very confusing process and should be improved.

It should be 1 year warranty despite not registering product and not an assumed start date of when product was shipped to retailer not customer.

This is a very dodgy way to treat customers with lack of information and poor warranty setup procedure.

I managed to survive Lenovo warranty process and Windows 10 setup and used the desktop.

I uninstalled Lenovo Vantage and Lenovo Vantage Services from Lenovo Windows 10 desktop as they wanted to scan my computer every week for errors, temporary files and driver upgrades and charge me $40/y to upgrade drivers or fix errors or remove temporary files which I could do for free and which other manufacturers did for free. My computer is not a money making machine for its manufacturer.

Windows 10 crashed twice because of Firefox having 20 or more tabs open. I found 2 Firefox addons Tab Limiter and Tabby to reduce number of tabs on Firefox to stop Windows 10 crashing due to lack of memory. I removed McAfee anti-virus and used Microsoft Defender and disabled Cortana to save memory.

Ideacentre CPU

In February 2022, I missed 10 day window to rollback to Windows 10 from Windows 11 as Windows.old was deleted. I would have to backup, use Windows 10 media creation tool, do install over top or fresh install then restore. Windows 11 upgrade has trashed this computer.

In January 2022, I upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 which took 11 hours and 40 minutes (very slow; it is meant to take 1 hr not nearly 12 hrs; it downloads 18GB). Windows 11 has crashed twice in 2 days where I had to power off and on. Mouse and Ctrl-Alt-Del did not respond. I checked and Windows 11 requires 1GHz and via CPU-Z I found Lenovo Ideacentre CPU runs mainly at 798MHz so CPU is too slow hence laggy mouse, GUI popups and apps, crashing and hanging. Disk also thrashes a lot for 5 to 10 minutes after booting as all startup apps run so obviously requires SSD. I should have left Windows 10 on Lenovo Ideacentre and only got Windows 11 on a faster desktop. Windows 11 GUI is also hard to get used to as it is so different from Windows 10. It is like I am beta testing Windows 11. Windows 10 prompted me to upgrade saying it was compatible but obviously not fully. I disabled transparency in settings visual effects and optimised performance by only enabling smooth edge of screen fonts which sped up desktop.

In June 2021, I could not run Adobe Bridge on Ideacentre 310S as Intel Celeron J4005 CPU was too slow. I will have to upgrade RAM to 8GB and CPU to faster CPU or buy another computer with faster CPU and more RAM. System is only good for basic use not high end use. Even opening too many tabs (over 20) in Firefox slows down computer immensely (5 to 10 times).

Ideacentre Graphic Card

In January 2022, I disabled transparency in settings visual effects and optimised performance by only enabling smooth edge of screen fonts which sped up desktop.

In January 2022, the frequency of graphic card was too low in vertical range so monitor went black and would not sync. I rebooted computer and graphic card was OK again and monitor worked again at correct frequency.

Because of video card, in Firefox browser about 1/3 of page is black intermittently till page is reloaded or page is switched back and forth.

I had trouble with fuzzy text and later when I opened photos I had screen tearing with Intel UHD graphic adaptor on old monitor changing refresh rate to be outside valid range and turning monitor black as it cycled through frequencies till it found valid frequency 75p Hz. I used GIMP instead of Microsoft Photos to view images to stop screen tearing again.

Ideacentre RAM

In May 2022, I upgraded RAM from 4GB to 8GB and desktop runs much faster on Windows 11 and stops thrashing.

ThinkPad Laptop

In November 2014, I borrowed a Lenovo ThinkPad W510 laptop running Windows 8 to develop mobile app for Windows Phone. It was very fast and powerful.

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Created: 22 Mar 2021 11:42
Last Updated: 7 May 2022 22:07

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