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New Book on Mt Margaret Mission by S Preston Walker

"Enriching Australia through Educating Indigenous People: 'Building a Nation' : WA Goldfield Suggests the Way by the Assimilation Policy" by S Preston Walker, 2015 (unpublished yet), ISBN 9780646495569

In 2008, my father S Preston Walker just about finished a new book on Mt Margaret in the 1950s as well as other industrial missions in the Kimberley that educated aborigines and helped them advance in life to major posts in society in Australia, mainly West Australia.

We purchased world rights for the sheet music in my father's book so we can sell it anywhere!

It was due out in 2009 but it needed a lot of editing by me (Dwight Walker, his son)!

In March 2012, the book is now being edited using Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign Subscription (Software as a Service for a small amount per month) to update many citations and add more information from other people and my father's archives in that era. Then we will pay for 10 copies the book to be printed on paper at a time as well sell it via Kindle and EPUB online. In September 2013 and January 2009, we lost orders for 3 copies because the book is being constantly delayed. Please verify status before ordering.

In June 2012, I crashed the laptop the book was being edited on so I backed it up and am saving to buy a new laptop to swap the hard drives. This will hold up the book a few months may be til December 2012. There is only 1 month left of editing to finish the book before publication. Repairs removed all my spare cash so I have been saving madly to get back up to speed to finish it. I paused the InDesign subscription.

In June 2013 at my brother Lyndon's house in Brisbane, I restarted using InDesign by subscription and finished editing book and am now fixing up the index as pages were added to the book wrecking the old index. The index was corrupted in December 2013 so I attempted to repair it from backups.

In January 2014 I bought a new laptop in Brisbane.

In January-March 2015 in Caboolture, I edited the book but the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription ran out before it was finished.

I am also scanning old photo albums of S Preston Walker to find relevant pictures of aboriginal missions he was in.

In 2015, with Smoker family in Perth, we have unearthed slides my brother Rhys scanned of my father's of Fitzroy Crossing. One family Shandley found their grandfather's picture in our collection. My father married Jock and Rita Shandley in 1954 at Fossil Downs Station.

The book may be out in December 2017 at this rate.

In December 2016 my brother Rhys went to Perth and gave a large number of Dad's photos of UAM in 1940s and 1950s to State Library of WA which caused all sorts of copyright issues for the book "Enriching Australia through educating indigenous people". Those photos are now processed by SLWA as of 29/7/17.

In December 2016, I went to Belgrave Heights Convention, Melbourne and met Melbourne Bible Institute (Melbourne School of Theology) ex principal David Price and his wife who knew my father at MBI and later in Moree NSW in about 1960 when Dad was in AWB. Dad went out from Belgrave Heights/MBI as a missionary in 1940. This is where he was given his impetus. While there at Koorong Books I got books:

In October 2017, I migrated my bookmarks from Delicious to Pinboard.

In January 2018 I migrated bookmarks from Pinboard to my own custom Web database system.

S Preston Walker death

Preston Walker died on 10/2/2009 in Brisbane, aged 93. A private funeral was held on 20/2/09 in Brisbane for immediate family. On 21/2/09 there was a huge celebration gathering at Creek Rd Presbyterian Church, Carina, Brisbane with video, photos and letters and tributes given by family and friends for over 2 hours - a quite astounding show of love for Preston Walker and his life over many years in many parts of Australia.

Tragically the book Dwight Walker was editing was not finished before he died mainly due to lack of funds, but his father did see a draft before he died, and it will be published post-humously. A copy of the August 2008 version of the book ex citations and bibliography was published in time for his father to see it and for the funeral so people writing eulogies could collect valuable information about Preston Walker's amazing life.

Many bits from the book are in the obituary written by Dwight Walker published in

Dwight's father was a very popular Christian worker for over 60 years.

Cataloguing and Scanning of S P Walker's Library

To hasten the publication of the book, in April 2011, Dwight Walker catalogued S P Walker's library of books, pamphlets, cassettes, slides, tapes and pictures using ResourceMate (Windows library software for internet copy cataloguing). Dwight scanned 500 photos and Rhys his brother scanned 2000 slides of S Preston Walker for 1930-1990 from the family archives some of which will be used in the book.

In October 2011, the library was put in storage as Kathleen Walker went into a nursing home.

In March 2013, I moved the library to my brother Lyndon's house in Brisbane and am now accessing the material to finish the book editing and indexing ready for publication.

In August 2014, I moved the library to my own unit in Caboolture and am working on finishing and shipping it.

Supply Chain Management

In October 2019, Dwight Walker passed MicroMasters of Supply Chain Management at MIT via edx.org covering 5 subjects and final exam.

Dwight is using this knowledge to tidy up backorders and publishing processes including printers to get the books out quicker. It is 10 years now and still no book out due to constant delays.

Books for sale via Our Website

We plan to sell 'Enriching Australia through educating indigenous people' via our Website.

I will soon have a PayPal buy button to take payments for the book once it is on the market. Books will then be shipped worldwide from Caboolture QLD either in paper or digital format.

Contact us if you want to pre-order a copy, either paper or digital.

Bible to thousands by S Preston Walker EPUB released 2013

State Library of WA Digital Archives of Mt Margaret Mission, 1930s

Dwight Walker was searching for his mother's name on the Internet and stumbled on the State Library of WA's digital archives of Mt Margaret Mission where his father and mother worked or visited as missionaries in the 1940s in the United Aborigines Mission. In May 2007, the digital archives at State Library of WA were removed because the catalogue cannot access the records and some of the images are corrupted.

To get these PDFs online, I could integrate the library catalogue at State Library of WA with a spider to collect meta data. I am a pioneer in Web indexing. This would be a case of me upgrading the libraries catalogue to handle indexing electronic content.

Contact us if you need similar problems solved in your library catalogue. We are experts in meta data and Web indexing.

About Mt Margaret

My father SP Walker worked at the Christian aboriginal industrial mission run by Rod Schenk in 1940-42 at Mt Margaret north of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, in the Goldfields (Latitude: -28.7904, Longitude: 122.147). This material was originally at State Library of WA in Perth but they are removing it to redo some of the corrupted images. This is a stop-gap till their copies are available. I asked them to keep the old stuff up there but no they want to do it the perfect way. Archivists are not technical whereas I am and find this stand-off over process most frustrating. One day I will visit Perth and sort out the technical issues as a software engineer and librarian which I am - a rare mix. Most of my colleagues are BA not BSc (comp sci) so have no idea about technology and fight it all the way - rather upsetting for me. The ignorance of people in power that control such vital information assets is very sad and I in my small way hope to stem the tide of technical ignorance in the library and archives fields. Disk space is very cheap but the process seems to be more important than that in archivists' minds.

In these documents are a host of 1930s photos scanned in by the Battye Library, State Library of WA. Some are corrupted but most are OK. The originals will be only accessible at the Battye Library in Perth once they remove the digital versions.

The Schenks donated the photos to the library to be digitised in 2003 (Knowit Jan-Mar 2003, p.2).

Schenk's records at Battye (Katitjin Sep 03)

Aboriginal arts group in Alice Springs contacted me in July 2010 asking for Margaret Morgan's details so they could get permission to reprint pictures of raffia work from Mt Margaret Mission in their book. This was very rewarding. They found me via this Web page.

Good news (4 Aug 2008)!

The State Library of WA has restored the links below so we now have even more Mt Margaret PDFs!

Source: A drop in a bucket : the Mount Margaret story by Margaret Morgan, 1986, Mission Publications of Australia, Lawson, NSW, Australia, ISBN 0949181013 - out of print.



Installing Library Systems

Searchable Book Indexes

Part of my consulting is indexing books and PDF files as in the Mt Margaret Mission research.

In 2010, I also setup a searchable book index database at indexdata.info which holds indexes I created as I was researching Mt Margaret Mission. The indexes can be downloaded as PDFs. I had to protect it from spammers and spiders so it is no longer available to the public.

Current books indexed are:

More will be added as are they finished.

Melbourne School of Theology (MST) library did not list my indexes in their catalogue. No-one has used it directly except myself so it is a complete waste of time except for my personal research.

Also MST library never catalogued ebook "Bible to thousands" by S Preston Walker I sent in 5/13 when I checked in 4/19 during their archive project for the centenary in 2020. So sending ebooks to MST library is a dead loss as they are lost in the system.

Only paper books gets catalogued and used so most of the publications will be in paper not EPUB.

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