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Call Centres

Call centres tend to be very difficult to get to fix technical problems. They try to ignore problems causing all sorts of stress for customer until they leave. The customer may have to badger on and use TIO or ombudsman to put pressure on Filipino call centre to fix problem months later.

In August 2018, Tutoroo site had 404 error on messages folder and did not list Caboolture. The chat operator was in Philippines. They ignored problems or said Caboolture was listed as location when it wasn't. I had to do screen dump and email it to them to prove problem. They said they'd reply in 5 minutes but never did.

In 2018, my Samsung phone needed repairs. The chat operator was in Philippines. They ignored problem with booking system.

In 2015, I had trouble with TPG Internet call centre in Philippines trying to explain technical issue about White Pages listing not appearing. It took 6 months via TIO to rectify by which time I had disconnected from TPG Internet due to poor service.

In 2013, I had trouble getting Prometric Microsoft MCP testing centre to fix their contact database. By December 2014, Microsoft switched MCP testing to Pearson VUE.


In October 2018, Filipino offshoring company in Pampanga ran seminar in Brisbane re sending work to their Web developers in Philippines. I was not interested.

In about 2010, Philippines IT companies tried to get me to outsource Web development to them.

Australian IT companies outsource to Philippines to cut costs.

Crime: Child Trafficking


Filipinos rang me up to scam me re advertising my business via big screen TV ads for Web development at IGA at Ningi in 2015 and shopper docket ads for music lessons at Kmart Caboolture in September 2018. Cross checking showed these businesses did not advertise that way and the Filipinos had found my details on an online ad then tried to sell me fake advertising.


I visited Manilla on a trip in 1980s.

Americans were in Philippines from 1898 to end of World War II in 1946. USA had military bases in the Philippines. Their influence is still there in affluent parts of Manilla. Filipinos speak English with American accent.

In 2018, there are dozens of Filipino Catholics in Caboolture.


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