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Posted by Dwight Walker
Thursday, 13 April 2006

This whole incident seems to have been politicised to create maximum resistance to the new Workplace legislation introduced by the Coalition Government, not help workers that much. Talk about a backflip! One day the workers are sacked and the next week they are reinstated. Why bother creating such a stink in the media?

I am a bit worried that unions will use this kind of necessary restructuring as a way of curbing legitimate sackings that are made to make a company profitable and so continue to sustain at least some jobs in the community.

If the company is not profitable then no amount of reinstatements will keep the pressure off from US companies that are expanding in Wagga or elsewhere in Australia taking away more jobs from Australian companies. Let's hope the management make some tough but necessary decisions to at least keep some of the jobs going if there is a market for their products.

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Created: 30 June 2006 13:46
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