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Launch of Orange Wireless Networking Project

Self-published November 8, 2006

"Today we have gathered enough information about survey marks in Orange City Council to be able to plot points on the new community wireless internet project", said Dwight Walker, director of WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd, a small Web development company in Orange NSW. "This will lead to local businesses, community groups and individuals teaming up to share wireless networking across our city. Applications include sharing important files, gaming and doing business in remote areas such as agriculture and mining. Membership is free at this stage and the database is hosted on our own server. People are welcome to register their latitude and longitude. Software will be provided to allow people to find anyone in neighbouring streets to share wireless networking. This idea came about after studying the Brismesh community wireless experiment in Queensland. Equipment is standard wireless routers available at local computer shops or over the internet. Antennas can be as simple as a pineapple tin or more advanced roof-mounted antennas. As we progress, we will install a central antenna in the CBD to allow people to share files and chat or do VoIP calls using Skype. Anyone seeking to join the wireless network, please get in touch. We can assist with choice and setup of hardware and getting linked to other users."

7 Dec 2006: Due to lack of interest and not being viable, we have closed the Orange Wireless Network Site.

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