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'pedestrian crossing in CBD badly needed'

Central Western Daily, 4 Aug 2007

As per 'Call to step up number of crossings' By GREG McFARLAND on 4/8/07 in CWD, I can vouch that it is very dangerous crossing any intersection in the CBD as a pedestrian. Most drivers are very impatient and want to turn left in front of me as I cross. I give the ones that wait a clap of congratulations and a cheer of thanks - positive reinforcement. They don't know what has hit them! Other drivers are so fast turning across the path of pedestrians I have to have a lookout on my left for people turning right and on my right for people turning left. The worst intersections are: Anson and Summer Sts, Lords Place and Summer St, Peisley and Summer Sts and Sale and Summer Sts. People there are mad keen to turn despite nearly running down pedestrians. I hope Cr Taylor gets some progress and people can feel confident they are not going to be ridiculed or nearly run down because of impatient drivers. It is so good to see Orange City Council looking out for pedestrians for once! It is long overdue!

Created: 7 June 2008 23:04
Last Updated: 19 May 2015 5:11

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