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'Local truckers lead the way'

Central Western Daily, 31 Aug 2007

AS reported in the CWD August 26, 'Trucking firm vows to use Northern Distributor route' by Greg McFarland, it is really good to see local trucking companies like Smiths Transport taking the initiative to train their drivers to use the Northern Distributor Road. This will get runs on the board for its use when Orange City Council goes to Auslink to get Federal funding for completing the bypass! John Cobb MP for Parkes was on the money in suggesting we get Federal money to complete the bypass. It is the first politician to get something happening of use here. This will really help congestion in the CBD during peakhour. More road safety initiatives like Smiths Transport should be encouraged right across the Orange area to drop road accident rates and improve the liveability of Orange. I am glad Orange City Council thought of the idea of writing to local trucking firms. They obviously found a sympathetic ear!

Created: 7 June 2008 23:04
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