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'Cabonne recycling centre good example for Orange'

Central Western Daily, 14 Sep 2007

It is really good to read in CWD 13/9/07 "Local residents wasting away" by Daniel Briggs that Cabonne Shire Council has started a very popular recycling centre. This is long overdue. This is in stark contrast with the Molong tip proposal of Orange City Council where people are up in arms to stop it! It just shows if there are good recycling systems in place people will support them but if it is proposed to dump tons of garbage on prime land then people will resist. Let's hope Orange City Council learns from Cabonne Shire Council how to deal with the public re rubbish. It is a humorous irony that rubbish marks the difference between the two councils!

Created: 7 June 2008 23:04
Last Updated: 19 May 2015 5:12

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