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'Eco-tourism great!'

Central Western Daily, 24 Sep 2007

In CWD 23 September 2007, "Straw bales for high-end tourists" By Ellen Vaz, it is good to see eco-tourism taking off in Orange! It is sad that most other sustainable ventures like wind farms suffer from local resistance. At least one farmer/landowner has seen the light and is getting Federal Government assistance to launch a tourism venture. It is a bit lateral but should be highly successful!

In WA, farmers around Ningaloo are setting up eco-tourism ventures where high-class bush accommodation is setup on the farmer's property and people pay to stay on their property.

Keep up the good work! Diversify to survive! Don't perish with the long drought. Look for other ways to make a dollar out of your assets. They don't have to be crops and livestock. They can be services like tourism. A Website would bring in orders from people overseas too. Think outside the square and don't be reactionary to new things coming into the district! You can only grow from the learning experience!

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