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'User-pays NSW libraries'

Central Western Daily, 2 Oct 2007

In CWD 02 October 2007, "Mr Turner: Please don't shelve our library" By Ben Brennan, I read with anger that Premier Iemma is going to charge people to use public libraries. Let's hope this desperate grab for money from a soft target is stopped. His huge projects, such as the desalination plant, are driving him to scrounge for money where it can be least afforded. Libraries are a vital source of information that grows a local economy. Depriving lower socioeconomic groups from knowledge will lead to an even larger divide between the haves and have-nots. Why doesn't the Opposition start fighting back against such a Philistine of a premier? I am a cybrarian (cyber librarian) and I found information a very vital tool to keep my business going. Why can't the premier see that knowledge isn't only for the elite but for everyone to profit from?

Created: 7 June 2008 23:04
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