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'Sudanese are welcome'

Central Western Daily, 9 Oct 2007

In CWD 09 October 2007 "Sudanese refugees' anguish over ban" by Ben Brennan, Kevin Andrews says Sudanese do not fit in. I have met some in Orange at a local church and they are the most lovely people. I don't know where this racism comes from. It seems with 200,000 killed by their own government in Sudan, we in Australia are bound to let some in here if possible to give them a break from the tyranny of their own country. We are a bit inward looking to just do a blanket ban. May be the bad ones should be deported but we surely should let the good citizens stay here and contribute to our community. Not everyone in the world is white. God made the world all different colours - red, yellow, black and white, not just white. If the white people got such a good run, we should assist the weaker brother, not kick him in the guts when he is down. That is my Christian attitude to life. I get very tired of the old jealousies of lazy white people here not liking hard-working immigrants who add value to our country as they think they are a threat to their jobs. May the best man win! If the local white people are poorer workers, may they get sacked and the immigrants get their jobs! That way Australia will grow and not be held back by people set in their ways.

Created: 7 June 2008 23:04
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