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'Strategic Wireless broadband antennas'

Central Western Daily, 11 Oct 2007

I heard Gavin Priestley on Prime TV at a CENTROC meeting this week say to the effect that setting up broadband in the country is more than just placing an antenna for wireless internet e.g. WiMax, in an area and drawing a 20km radius round it to see how far the signal would travel. If a hill is the way it will weaken the signal. Sure! Just put the antenna on the top of the hill and put repeaters on nearby hills to get the signal over the hills. People in the valleys would point up to the antenna on the hill to get best signal strength. Wireless is very easy to reposition to improve signal strength - just move the tower and reposition the dishes pointing to it to the new angle (azimuth). With wireless broadband, there are no cables to lay again so it is more cost effective and adaptive to new conditions.

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