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'Dentists in the bush'

Central Western Daily, 6 Dec 2007

In CWD 06 December 2007, 'Dentists on the doorstep at CSU' by Ellen Vaz, it is great to see some proactive planning to fill the dental void in the bush. My brother works as an orthodontist in North and Central Queensland - Mackay and Longreach - and there is a huge void up there too. He is working flat out to keep up! At long last someone with the right clout in CSU has put their foot forward to get funding and start building and training to attempt to fix this glaring problem of 100,000s of bad teeth and need for false teeth for people scattered all over inland NSW and other parts of our great country. I am sure the local folk who become dentists will not run away to big cities but help the local health improve and see great advancements in our area. Psychology of getting people to want to stay in a country area plays a huge part in planning especially with such an in demand job otherwise they will flock to the cities and make the problem just get worse out here. You have to be smart to tackle these staff shortages, not just throw money at the problem and hope it goes away!

Created: 7 June 2008 23:04
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