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NETGEAR PowerShift Partner

'Netgear PowerShift Partner'

Self-published, 21 June 2011

On 20 June 2011, Dwight Walker of WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd signed up as a Netgear PowerShift Partner.

This will allow our business to add value to Netgear wireless, switching and storage products at competitive prices.

Areas this will benefit in our business is implementing a wifi mesh and setting up wifi and online backup for small businesses.

We also get to setup our own hardware and networking at not-for-resale prices which will boost our productivity.

Netgear products are very simple to configure plus they support Linux open source software which we are in favour of.

Netgear has given our business plenty of technical support and is very good at the small business market which we major in.

Update 11 October 2017

Due to powershift.netgear.com going down, WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd no longer resells NETGEAR as PowerShift Partner as that part of our business died.

Created: 21 June 2011 0:22
Last Updated: 17 Oct 2017 12:49

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