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Singapore is an IT hub for Southeast Asia. Because it is so small and condensed it is used a test bed for many IT rollouts in Southeast Asia by US or UK or Australian firms.

Many large US IT companies have their Southeast Asian base in Singapore e.g. IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell and Red Hat.

The Computer Chronicles - High Tech Singapore Part 1 (2002) - electronic education, libraries, tollways, car rentals, prison video links, mobile commerce using SMS or infrared for booking movie tickets or buying drinks or equipment, massager

Computer Chronicles - 19x41 - High Tech Singapore: Part 3 (2002) - wireless tablets, gaming, Philips Innovation Centre (DVD, streaming internet radio), animation with Flash, One North business park (all wifi), Soundblaster (Creative Technology), dual computer keyboard/piano keyboard


One colleague worked in Singapore in 1990s as a programmer soon after I started my business at Internet World, Darling Harbour, Sydney in 1997.


Business in Region

Singapore is next to Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Philippines and India so is used by those other countries to do IT training for them.

Changi Airport is a great port of call en route to UK or USA.

Singapore port is used to refit ships from around the world because it is cheaper than anywhere else.

Singapore is a strong financial hub for the region financing businesses in Australia e.g. Wilmar Sugar Refinery in Inkerman via Home Hill North Queensland.

Singapore finances power industry in South Australia and Victoria by owning power plants in those states.


In 1980s Dwight Walker visted Singapore and Johor Bahru Malaysia to visit rubber plantation on brief Southeast Asian tour from Brisbane.

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