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Outsourcing to Sri Lanka


In November 2011, I attended Space @ Gov in Canberra. There I stayed and visited a seminar by WSO2 on opensource SOA.

Exetel ISP/Mobile Reseller

In March 2020, I connected to NBN via Exetel. It is hard to get things done.

In February 2012, I worked with Exetel's Sri Lankan agent support to fix their site and get their ISP/mobile tools to work.

It took 2 weeks, but eventually Web bugs were fixed and IT tools worked.

Engineering Students at ANU

In December 2011, I had a Sri Lankan electronics engineer from ANU contact me re embedded systems work. He had a patent in embedded systems and was going to USA to do his masters!

Government Failure

In March to July 2022, Sri Lankan Government has failed to provide for their citizens goods and services and government is near default.

President ran away and new one was elected. Prime Minister is being forced out too.

Sri Lanka has been hit hard with COVID-19 pandemic increasing their debt and crushing their economy.


Difficult economic circumstances in Sri Lanka have forced many to leave and seek refuge in another country for economic reasons and become refugees at whim of neighbouring countries' help.

Round May 2022 Australian Federal Election, there was a boat load of refugees trying to flee from Sri Lanka to Australia but Australian Border Force kept them out and forced them to get a visa to visit or prove they are bonafide refugees and not economic refugees.

This seems very hyprocritical of Australia which is a country of migrants to seek to block refugees seeking refuge in Australia in case they overloaded the health and welfare system and took jobs from locals.

Many Australian elections since 1980s with John Howard have been fought over who to allow into Australia despite humanitarian needs of countries round them requiring Australian response not rejection.

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