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Online Banking

In November 2017, I failed to setup for Ukrainian in Caboolture SMS for Ukrainian mobile carrier in Australia to verify online banking with Ukrainian bank and needed to change mobile to Australian mobile to receive SMS.

Difficulties Using Russian Computer

Ukrainians use Russian keyboard which has extra characters compared to Roman alphabet. Windows has to have Russian font setup and all buttons are in Russian making it very difficult to use a Russian keyboard if only an English speaker. Luckily Windows keyboard shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl-C for copy, still work on Russian keyboard (English keyboard with stickers on keys) but it is very hard to navigate to right folder as all names are in Russian font and indecipherable. Graphics on Windows GUI are still decipherable.

Google Translate helps translate from Russian to English and vice versa for online chat with Ukrainian businesses. Otherwise getting Ukrainian to type using Russian keyboard is very slow and error prone.

Internet Access

In 2016, I setup NBN with WiFi Google Chromecast for Ukrainian to view Ukrainian YouTube videos on big screen TV in Caboolture.


Since late 2017, there are many Bitcoin brokers in Ukraine who spam me. Ukraine is always interested in making money fast but Ukraine has high debt to pay off. There is a lot of corruption in Ukraine fuelling this desire to grow funds exponentially but never paying their bills. Ukraine are prodigal sons.


Ukraine was part of ex USSR so has communist centralist totalitarian roots so it is very hard to teach or work with Ukrainians as they are stubborn and unwilling to change or learn new things or to question authority. They are also incredibly thrifty and try to save money at all costs causing supplier to lose money if they can't fix the problem or charge very low prices like back in Ukraine where there is high poverty so it is not wise to deal with them. They are like peasants and very hard to educate. So we had to come to compromise.

Internet and mobile technology is 20 years behind in Ukraine compared to Australia. SMS was big in 1997 in Australia but was replaced by mobile apps and Websites for mobile applications but is still used in Ukraine probably because of limited phones (no smartphones) or old phones which can only send SMS.

There have been disputes between Ukraine and Russia since 2006 over gas and territory. Ukraine is trying to join EU and modernise since dissolution of USSR in 1991 but has received resistance from Russia and Russian citizens living in Ukraine.


Ukraine is a very musical country. I played Great Gate of Kiev (capital of Ukraine) in Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky in 1975 at May Music Camp at Melbourne.


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