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Remote Services

As of 2014, this service is available. We are using cloud computing to break through barriers of infrastructure we were suffering.

We have several types of services:

  1. remote
  2. cloud
  3. onsite

Remote Support

We can manage a customer's site or PC, if they give us access, as a sysop securely and remotely over the internet using ssh and sftp or remote assistance tools. This gives incredible flexibility and power to our offerings as we don't have to be in a city to to service that city's customers. We can service them from Brisbane QLD or wherever else we are on the planet so the customer has a high level of service (very immediate) and we do not have to spend time travelling and staying overnight in temporary accommodation to give good service. Systems we service like this are UNIX such as Linux and FreeBSD or Windows XP.

In remote assistance tools like TightVNC or using Zoom share screen, the customer can view us manipulating their PC and be trained or helped along to save time and money at both ends, a quite powerful combination. Once inside we can fix many underlying problems and get things moving that a customer with tuition cannot come up to speed in time to do. This system of remote assistance is quite revolutionary in how we do business and grows us despite being based in a remote area like Brisbane QLD.

The customer needs to have an online connection using software to redial to save us ringing them to reconnect. There are versions of software that do not require plugins which we will use if the customer wipes out their disk occasionally and loses all our work (disaster recovery).

VoIP and Chat Services

In February 2020, we setup a VoiP landline using SIP via NBN router.

We find using online assistance like this very powerful and useful for fixing computers and installing software to get Skype up or to understand what a problem is without the overhead of phone calls and travelling to fix equipment onsite.

We are sure you will benefit greatly from this dextrous way of doing business totally digitally!!

Cloud Services

As of November 2012, we can setup Linux Ubuntu or Windows cloud servers for businesses for testing or production. We can remotely maintain these sites using ssh or rdesktop. This is a very dynamic medium and can be used to leapfrog shortage of infrastructure at the customer's end leading to much faster times to setup and configure new systems comapred to physical hosting. New servers are created or deleted in minutes. Cloud services are much dearer so may only be used for a few days to do a proof of concept before launching a full site.

Since 2013, we support Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud services including backups, deployment and machine learning.

Onsite Services

If there is a physical problem such as a cable not being properly pushed into a network adaptor on a PC, we will do onsite troubleshooting to fix it as internet support will not work in these circumstances. While we are there can also check the router and USB Phone to see if they are working and need cables pushing into them or audio setting up. This is easier done onsite than over the phone or via email and is worth us investing in the trip to get it fixed. We have serviced Wollongong, Sydney and Wellington NSW when we were based in Orange NSW this way quite successfully.

While we are at a customer's office we can also sort out cost overruns and get a project back on track much quicker than fighting over the phone. A face to face meeting seems to clear up many misconceptions and unrealistic expectations and get a job back on track like nothing else!


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