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In 1988-90, Dwight Walker, our director, worked as a computer systems officer programming Ada on UNIX systems using CASE tools for real-time systems in the Australian Dept of Defence at HMAS WATSON and CSC Sydney on the New Submarine Project (Collins Class Submarines) including the simulator. This software development facility was moved to HMAS STIRLING in Perth, WA after Dwight left HMAS WATSON.

Sister base was HMAS ALBATROSS at Nowra NSW, the RAN Fleet Air Arm with Seasprite helicopters.


As a civilian in our own private company, we will explore Defence software engineering projects in Canberra or elsewhere in Australia including:

Project Management System

As independent IT contractor, we build systems that are on time and on budget using Agile methodology and our own project management system built using our computer science and information science background. This is from our experience at handling project overruns and cost blowouts in Defence and our own business since 2005.

Supply Chain Management

In 2000 when I lived in Merrylands NSW, we visited Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre's Joint Logistic Command in Moorebank with Parramatta BASI. In 2015 with my MIT certificates in supply chain management, I am ready to tackle this area of Defence procurement systems. In Oct 2012, this huge logistics centre was being moved and modernised by Defence.

In September 2015-May 2016, when we studied 2 supply chain management edx.org courses at MIT, we received very high marks as we are excellent at mathematics via our Bachelor of Science degree.

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