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USA is governed by pure capitalism. It does not support its workers' rights and conditions and wages and seeks to get things for free from workers by forcing them to be independent contractors carrying all liabilities and no benefits, e.g. subcontracting agreements of Uber and Appen. Wages are a pittance and all the huge profits are kept by corporations with all moral rights and benefits signed back to the company so the worker is impoverished for benefit of corporation.

These online outsourcing companies are pure internet sweat shops with low moral values and erosion of rights and standards of worker to enrichment of oligarchy who dream up tricky money making schemes that others are sucked into through marketing these flimsy low paid jobs or contracts to unemployed registered on Centrelink's Job Active search portal in Australia where unemployed register their resume and desire to get a decent job. Unemployed are the perfect pickings for these very low paid and dangerous jobs as there is nothing else as noone else will employ long-term unemployed so they drop all their rights to get a few dollars with all rights stripped away, a form of slavery. These corporatins prey on most vulnerable of people in society to make megabucks. It is unethical behaviour.

In September 2008, USA crashed and burned because of its greed but the US Government bailed out the big banks that caused the GFC so nothing was learned from the mistake of trusting big business to manage finance wisely. The workers had to pay for the rich to survive as the rich lost all their money overnight through mismanagement and speculation on subprime mortages.