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How to read EPUB file

In February 2017, we removed EPUB file format errors found when trying to open our EPUB file in EPUB Reader on iPhone and now EPUB passes validator.idpf.org EPUBCheck. We reprogrammed EPubExport in MediaWiki to correct EPUB errors to pass validator.

EPUB is zipped HTML with images and configuration files.

1. 'Westralian gems for Christ's Crown' by S Preston Walker, 72pp, 2001, out of print

Bible to thousands by S Preston Walker 2005 cover ebooks for sale

2. 'Bible to thousands' by S Preston Walker, 82pp, 2005-09-01, colour illustrations, online index, EPUB

Order a copy of Bible to thousands on EPUB, $15 inc GST, available via email

If the PayPal button is blocked by Kaspersky protected browser etc, please email us order via Contact Form. We will then email you a tax invoice with direct deposit details for our business bank account. Person can pay via internet banking with BSB and account number provided in tax invoice.

EPUB corrected file is able to be opened with:

If you cannot work out how to read EPUB files despite all the instructions, please use Contact Form to show interest in getting a paper copy of Bible to thousands when it comes out.

3. 'Enriching Australia through educating indigenous people' by S Preston Walker, 210pp, unpublished

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