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Dwight Walker teaching violin in a student's home in Orange in 2012

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Violin Lessons, Repairs and Sheet Music

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Our director Dwight Walker teaches private adult violin students in their homes or his home including sourcing and fitting violins, strings, bows, shoulder rests and bridges. This also includes picking suitable sheet music for tuition. Dwight has a depth of music experience as seen in his music resume - orchestra, folk bands, church groups, solo over 40 years.

He has had 3 adult violin students in Orange since 2009 and 1 adult violin student in Canberra briefly in 2010. There were rewarding signs of the students picking up technique and improving in their skills and expression over the 3 or months I have been teaching each of them.

Since December 2015 in Caboolture area, he has briefly had 3 child violin students. He has had 1 adult violin student for over 6 months to which music is a therapy for their mental disability.

In July 2016, with disabled student, Dwight played track from Essential Elements for Strings Violin Book 2 from publisher Website on his Android phone using Optus 3G in student's room so they could play along and improve the intonation. It is easier to view the online MIDI recordings via laptop or PC on normal internet connection.

Piano Lessons and Sheet Music

Dwight is also an accomplished pianist and teaches piano to students in their homes. He will help pick music and instrument for student.

In December 2015 in Ningi QLD, he had 1 child piano student briefly.

Dwight has a great love for music and his enthusiasm helps him to match the difficulty of teaching the violin with good results despite students being older than school age and taking longer to pick up skills.

Contact him to arrange an audition and for him to give advice on how best to learn the violin.

Currently he limits his teaching to adults over 18 years of age except in Queensland where he is authorised via Blue Card to teach under 18 year olds and disabled people under authority of holder of Yellow Card.

Private Teacher vs School Teacher

As a private teacher we give more care and individual attention than a school teacher who has many students to teach. This leads to a much better outcome re training. We are worth choosing over just using local schools to teach the child music. We can link to a school teacher's curriculum to enable the student to be accredited through their local school.


Dwight Walker has done Grade 5 Violin, Grade 6 (HSC) Piano, Theory and Harmony and won the Eileen Stainkamph Award for Grade 5 Piano and Theory in 1976 in Bendigo Victoria. He has played for over 20 years in orchestras, bush bands, chamber groups and church groups giving him a wide diversity of talent and good listening skills and team effort in ensemble work.

In 1993, he did Basic Methods of Instruction at TAFE NSW as a part-time teacher, so he knows how to hold a class and assess progress of a student.

Educational Standards

Dwight Walker's school is OK without his NSW teaching qualifications being given Queensland College of Teachers approval as the school (his home) is exempt as it is too small. NSW teachers must be reassessed in Queensland. Private teachers can get their curriculum checked with Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority so their students are qualified to government curriculum standards. Dwight's Victorian HSC music teacher was a private teacher and his music marks were submitted to HSC examiners and were added to his HSC score which got him into medicine (MB, BS) at Melbourne Medical School.


Dwight Walker:

"On 6/10/16, Caboolture Herald rang me up re my tweet saying I had written to Morayfield and Pumicestone MPs asking to halve number of poker machines and citing music as a remedy for vacuum in mental health in area with my disabled violin student as prime example of how music is good medicine for the mind as her house was tidy, clothes were tidy and beautiful not shabby, garden was looked after, neighbours stopped having domestic violence, people ate healthy food and rubbish was picked up.

"God used me to minister to mental patient by giving her violin lessons and the violin music permeating through walls changed 50 other people's lives living nearby in a run down government housing estate.

"People need more than food and housing. They need something to feed their mind and soul such as music and love and care. I don't have much money but I can teach violin and care for someone's mind which has remarkable effects on the neighbourhood.

"This is one good thing to come out of Caboolture apart from crime, violence, theft, poker machines, gambling, drugs and other soul destroying rubbish. God can change even bad old Caboolture believe it or not."

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Our business director Dwight Walker is a skilled violinist and performs in Orange, Dubbo, Moree, Cootamundra, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Castlemaine in churches, shopping centres and community group social functions.

Violin Sizes

For adult student or parent or guardian to find violin on their own, below are measurements:

Music Technique Videos

Adjusting violin shoulder rest and chin rest

Violin preparation exercises by Yehudi Menuhin

Left hand violin exercises by Yehudi Menuhin

Right hand first violin exercises by Yehudi Menuhin

Left hand playing by Yehudi Menuhin

Right hand playing by Yehudi Menuhin

Left and right hand coordination by Yehudi Menuhin

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