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Google Ads Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We have 20 years in Web design and detailed knowledge of which HTML tags are best for Google to find the keywords in the Website page and give the best results for sales.

In November 2015 and April 2019 in Caboolture area, 2 local businesses have approached us to improve their Website's page ranking on Google. One was advertising in Brisbane Northside area and the other was advertising Australia wide via the Web and both needed better listings or reach on Google.

As of May 2007, we have successfully setup Google AdWords campaigns and got the customer's link on the top of the search results for their particular keywords whereas before their link did not even appear in 1000s of hits! This occurred in the space of a week of us setting up their site. AdWords listing results were instantaneous. As to if this leads to sales only time will tell but at least now the site is visible to the world and not lost in the millions of similar sites in the search engine.

Since 1998, we have been optimising Web content for search engine spiders and to enhancing high hit-rates for basic HTML pages to bring them out of the crowd using standard information retrieval techniques.

We can also pick words to increase the clickthrough rate. This comes from us being a librarian and indexer and specialist in meta data searching and retrieval.

Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, eBay and YouTube

In 2010, many keywords can be quite expensive so we choose many forms of search now not just Google.

From 2010, we market sites via active promotion in Facebook Groups, Twitter news feeds, Slideshare uploads and YouTube marketing and educational videos.

From 2011, we setup eBay items for sellers, finding images and missing descriptions and classifying so that the best response is made.

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