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Publishing Services

We index, tag, edit, proof and create bibliographies and check copyright for publishers before it goes to the press.

We will finish outstanding jobs via printing paper books on-demand and ebooks.

Book publishing includes:

Managing Self-Published Works

We work on self-published works of authors. We do not act as agent for an author to a standard publishing company.

We obtain permission to reprint works that are out of print.

Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign Software as a Service

From March to June 2012, we subscribed to Adobe InDesign Software as a Service (SaaS) for a small monthly fee compared to high price for a full licence. This will help us to finish editing my father's book on Mt Margaret Mission in a few months compared to years trying to save for a full licence. We found out about SaaS subscription of Adobe Creative Suite in the Australian Financial Review in March 2012.

The one danger of storing a large book on a laptop is it can crash. Backups are essential and have to be rotated or backed up to the cloud.

Storing research material from my father's library has been very costly as little sales are progressing to pay for it due to 2 laptop crashes and backup crashes so we moved books from expensive storage to my flat.

ebooks for sale

EPUB Books

In May 2013, to publish a book long waiting for software and tools, and from experience setting up a wiki for Digital Publications Indexing SIG, we imported word processing files and JPEG images into MediaWiki then used an EPubExport extension to export to EPUB which we uploaded via USB cable to a Nokia smartphone running FBReader EPUB reader and Android smartphone running SlickReader. This saved us having to buy a new Windows laptop to run InDesign. Later in December 2016, we got a Windows 7 PC to run InDesign to finish the book.

'Bible to thousands' by S Preston Walker, 81pp, was published this way to make it easier to distribute and read electronically.

In July and August 2016, we sold copies of 'Bible to thousands' EPUB book to Christian workers and missionaries overseas and locally.

Digital Publishing of eBooks

To begin, we started to edit, modify and manipulate PDF files so they are for different readerships e.g. iPad, iPhone, netbook, PC, Web.

Ebook publishing is exploding with the plethora of digital handheld devices such as smartphones, iPads, iPhones, ereaders and digital publishers.

In February 2017, we corrected errors in EPUB by modifying MediaWiki EPubExport Extension in PHP and testing it against EPUB validator.

Legal Deposit of EPUB and paper books

As of 2013, legal deposit of digital books is quite difficult. SLQ will only accept PDF and Word. NLA will only accept PDF. Copyright law reform is not due till 2015. Paper is easier.

Indexing, Cataloguing and Metadata

Web and Electronic Indexing

Since end of 2011 to 2017, through our being volunteer Webmaster and Web Indexing Award Judge of old Digital Publications Indexing SIG of American Society for Indexing, we are ready to publish in EPUB and Kindle format. I added a podcast area and in a few days I found many articles and downloads for ereaders (MP3, video, iBook) which I listed and explored. The Indexer Vol 30 Issue 1 March 2012 is a digital indexing edition. Since Feburary 2012, ASI Digital Trends Task Force (DTTF) is working on an indexing standard for ebooks with International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). According to Wikipedia IDPF history, IDPF combined with W3C in 2/2017 and is now called Publishing@W3C and continues work on EPUB 3.2 standard. Final archive of idfp.org was in 9/2019 before it closed and transferred to W3C.

Cataloguing and Indexing

We do copy and original cataloguing using ResourceMate and Book Collectorz.

We also index paper books and do Web and electronic indexing and metadata tagging.

Technical Writing and Editing

We write technical articles for publishers who then fill out the gaps or collect other relevant articles to fill out the material for context.

Publishers of Dwight Walker's or WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd's works include (bibliography):

We use our own Web-based indexing software to create indexes and bibliographies and can travel interstate to large libraries to finish the research.

Meta data tagging examples:

We handle link-rot on Web-based publications with permanent URI metadata servers.

We support Apple Mac OS X applications such as Adobe InDesign CS4 and also write custom Web-based indexing software to create and upload indexes into InDesign CS4.

We will have our own publishing software so we can edit InDesign files before going to the publisher to eliminate much quicker typographical errors and insert missing material omitted by the original scanning.

Print on Demand (OCR)

In February 2019, we plan on publishing paper edition books of Christian books by SP Walker or similar (see Shop) using print on demand at Lulu to keep cost down and get books out.

In June 2019, we are reprinting out of print books of our late father by doing OCR of books.


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