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Installing Library Systems and Cataloguing

I have skill as a cataloguer with copy cataloguing and library automation as I am a system librarian.

I consult onsite re library design and setup and can re-order a library to be better grouped so that research can be done much easier. This is a result of cataloguing the entire collection including books, serials, CD, DVDs, cassettes, LPs, audio tapes, photograph albums, paintings, letters and memorabilia.

I partially installed opensource library system software Koha on a Debian Linux server for my own small library. Greenstone on Windows is another digital library manager tool I have installed.

Community Library Project

In January and November 2011 and June 2012, I installed and setup cataloguing procedures for a Web/PC library using Collectorz, CueCat barcode scanner, iphone barcode readers and mobile catalogues for a small Christian library in Canberra. I then catalogued and sorted the 1500 books. This catalogue was online but it expired and collection went into storage.

Private Library for Sale

In July 2012, I catalogued 300 books for person in Orange to sell online. Most were archaeology, ancient history and mineralogy.

Mt Margaret Mission Publication Project

Started in 2008, this is a large indexing and publishing project for my father S Preston Walker's last book 'Enriching Australia through educating indigenous people'.

I used ResourceMate as follows to catalogue my father's library to finish research on his book.

ResourceMate Software

In April-October 2011, I catalogued a personal library of 3500 items in Brisbane onsite using ResourceMate on a Windows laptop with Vodafone 3G wifi using the Internet for copy cataloguing.

In 2019, I plan to use WebOPAC of Resourcemate. This is hosted library software.

My IT skills: I have used RDP client on Linux and Windows to access such hosted software. I have used RDP client rdesktop on Linux EEEPC to login to Windows Server 2008 the same as in the following video re tablet access to software. On Windows I use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to access software.


Library Budget

Web and Electronic Indexing

Searchable Book Indexes

Part of my consulting is indexing books and PDF files as in the Mt Margaret Mission research.

In 2010, I also setup a searchable book index database at indexdata.info. The indexes can be downloaded as PDFs.

ebooks for sale

eBook Electronic Indexing and Publishing

From 2011-2017, we were Webmaster and Web Indexing Award Judge of Digital Publications Indexing SIG of American Society for Indexing.

In 2013, I generated an EPUB book Bible to thousands by SP Walker using MediaWiki and EPUB extension.

Electronic indexing in Barlett's Familiar Quotations app - American Society for Indexers


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