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Health Links

Medical Background

Our director, Dwight Walker, started doing MB, BS in 1979-80 at University of Melbourne then switched to BSc in computer science at University of Queensland 1981-87. He revisited University of Melbourne Medical School in 2012 for their 150th anniversary and found software engineer and medical science overlapped in the form of bioinformatics but he could not afford doing a Master in Bioinformatics under School of Science, University of Melbourne. I was surprised how much the computer and medical sciences overlapped e.g. SQL, handheld devices, wireless internet, eBooks for diagnosis.

Because Dwight Walker received a credit from Melbourne Medical School towards a Bachelor of Science at University of Queensland, he has a science degree built on medicine so has roots in two universities.

Medicine is a slow lumbering group. Agile development of apps would be more fruitful. Large infrastructure projects are very risky in medicine due to information silos and poor communication.

Medical Falls App Integration With Medical Web Services

In April 2018, I am working on digital health web service integration of medical falls app with FHIR RESTful server on National Clinical Terminology Service (NCTS) (SNOMED for Australia) (Australian Digital Health Agency) for patient records management online.

I attended NCTS and FHIR webinars and NCTS Connectathon on 17/4/18 at Brisbane where I finished falls app, added alerts and added SNOMED JSON code snippet to integrate with doctor's practice management software and Queensland Health IEMR.

Overview on National Clinical Terminology Service (NCTS) of Australian Digital Health Agency


In 2015, we are partnering with a large medical device company's R&D so we are able to tender for large medical projects otherwise by ourself we cannot break into the market.

Embedded Products

In August 2015, Dwight Walker is inventing a fall detection app for elderly that will integrate alerts with HL7/FHIR for triage by doctor.

Medical Websites

I have developed portals for several medical associations:

Medical Research

From our librarian skills, I have built quality lists of links e.g. MEPSA where I was awarded 'ISI Web of Knowledge'. From 2011-2017, I was Webmaster of Digital Publications Indexing SIG of American Society for Indexing and pioneered Web Indexing Prize and metadata creation for indexing Web pages when I was Webmaster of Australian and NZ Society of Indexers.

I have also classified and catalogued historical data for a book on Aboriginal Missions. This led to me to cataloguing books of my father's library and personal papers using Resourcemate. I also catalogued 2 small libraries, one Christian theology and the other ancient history, using Collectorz which has a mobile phone app, barcode reader and Web OPAC to allow for collaboration. This led to more valuable books being discovered and made accessible via the catalogue a small community loaning library and to allow someone to sell a library based in their home. Koha was too hard to install as it required a very specifically installed Linux server.

I indexed Director of National Parks Annual Report 2012 in which I indexed (indexdata.info) aboriginal jobs which is a social and medical treatment of a dysfunctional group of people which leads to high suicide and incarceration rates.

eHealth, Telemedicine and Records Management

eHealth Web Services

In August 2012, we started to contact Orange doctors to find their IT needs. Mostly this was ADSL and WIFI but there was also data sharing and networking for X-Rays and patient records.

As part of Standard Business Reporting (SBR), we are planning on integrating doctor's medical records with Medicare and Centrelink.

Network Support

Since 2009, I have installed a wireless router hotspot in a medical centre in Orange and would like to work more with the Australian eHealth initiative.

Since 2006 I have designed and built a WiFi Mesh portal to create wireless internet in remote places of Australia. This will be connected to the NBN using backhaul from Dubbo after it is connected in mid-2013.

I advised Orange City Library to setup a WiFi hotspot in 2009 which has been a huge success with local businesses, temporary workers and students.

In 2009, I advised Orange City Council to install solar-powered WiFi CCTV in Robertson Park and elsewhere to cut vandalism and crime.

If doctors outsource to a savvy provider like ourselves, they would benefit from the centralisation of patient records by the Australian Government. This requires adequate security. Many old IT companies do very poor security leading to data leaking out.

There is an opportunity for telemedicine using Webcam to assess patients to see if they are drunk or mentally unstable to save flying aboriginals from Walgett to Orange in an intoxicated state but filter using a Webcam whether the patient is suitable to be flown or if they will dry out and then be treated locally saving the NSW Government thousands of dollars from wasted transfers. This is being done in Bloomfield Mental Hospital in Orange NSW since 2008 after which a new hospital was built next door. Central West NSW has the highest mental health statistics outside Sydney in rural NSW. Remote care would increase the levels of service at minimal cost. The NSW Government would gain greatly from applying technical treatment of far flung areas of the state.

Doctors need to standardise their digital reporting and share patient data (Electronic Health Records or EHR) with other practitioners and the Australian Government in a secure format.

With Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Web services' standardised record formats (taxonomy) and secure reporting (Auskey), it will be possible to achieve this using cloud hosting in a scalable way. Currently we have compiled SBR C SDK for Linux and run connection tests to the Australian Government Vanguard secure gateway but had to take down the cloud server as it was too expensive until we have a business plan to launch medical and financial Web services based on SBR online.

To import large numbers of paper records into a secure Web repository to enable data sharing, research and better health outcomes in remote areas, a skilled Web developer such as ourselves is needed. In 2007, we merged 1 million patents from several standards using our own metadata standard schema using PHP, awk, MySQL, Linux, batch jobs, text records and Web services.


We have technical skills in:

Products we support:

Products we advise on:

Software languages and frameworks we program in:

Quotes or General Enquiries

Please contact us for a free quote or to get intial feedback on a project you may be starting or need advice on!


Hacking Health at HIC 2015 and 2017

Startups at Hacking Health

Dwight Walker participated in Hacking Health at HIC 2015, August 2015, Brisbane. He worked in a team on monitoring patients in their home.

HIC Hacking Health Digital Workshops (12-13/7/17) and Practice Pitch (26/7/17)

HIC Hacking Health Digital Workshops on 12-13/7/17 at Australian Digital Health Agency Sydney and Brisbane and on internet

HIC Hacking Health Practice Pitch on 26/7/17 at QUT Foundry Brisbane

HIC UX Workshop 6/8/17 Brisbane

UX is usually poor for health application software. This workshop addresses these usability issues.

Smart Home

AI Assistants and Smart Watches

In July 2017, I visited North Lakes and saw Google Home AI assistant and Android Watch both good for mobile app I am developing round patient. Google Home integrates with Google Calendar and can switch on and off smart lights etc and answer questions from Google search and play audio and video tracks via Chromecast using voice activation.

Google Home Review

Cisco has a truly electronic and smart healthcare centre for its staff in California!

Financial Management

In 2011, Queensland Health unfortunately were so technically illiterate they installed a SAP system that cost over $1Bn and it still does not work. Queensland Government is now conducting the Chesterman Inquiry to try and solve the problems in their project management. Very tight project management is required to keep a lid on costs plus adequate reserves to tide the contractor over long waits for tenders to get underway (2 months at least). We have developed our own inhouse project management system to tackle this problem using our skills as librarians and software engineers. In 2013, we are currently rebuilding and no longer do government tenders but only tender to private contracts to save our business going under with long delays and poor management.

Emergency Services and Disease Epidemiology

Smart use of geocoding and location-based services can aid emergency workers finding patients or events in the field or to locate where the disease or pesticide injury has occurred. Mobile devices or apps can be used to capture the tests in the field and upload them to a centralised server. See below.

In Spatial@Gov November 2011, Australian Government dictated all departments map accounts to geographical area as 2 independents from rural areas forced them to recognise the problems of rural areas compared to urban areas in large cities.

We have a WiFi mapping system using Google Maps and PHP and MySQL. I can modify this to be used in any logistics problem like health delivery or drug or disease distribution.

We worked in the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Traffic Accidents so used maps extensively to locate accidents for Queensland. This led to me writing an article on road traffic accidents between Dubbo, Orange and Bathurst which led to a pedestrian crossing being built in Anson St and Summer St, Orange opposite Woolworths.


I am very pro-NBN which will enable huge amounts of consultation and remote service to be undertaken across Australia using digital media.

In 2012, I visited Orange Medical Centre and tried to raise interest in upgrading their networks to be ready for NBN but but by March 2013 they either had upgraded without me or were still not ready for broadband. Trying to do infrastructure for doctors seems a deadend as it is too institutionalised!

Mobile Apps and Widgets

Linux Conf Australia 2012 keynote by Karen Sandler re her pacemaker

Linux Conf Australia 2012 Developing accessible web applications how hard can it be by Silvia Pfeiffer and Alice Boxhall

Rural Doctors

Melbourne Medical School Dept of Rural Health: Ballarat Clinical School

Ballarat Clinical School from Faculty of MDHS on Vimeo.

Patient Continuum with Queensland Health Datasets

Patient Continuum - Queensland Health Metro North Brisbane - linking patient records to be patient focused - 2017.

Queensland Health need a central repository and a data warehouse for patient data. They find that Excel won't cut it for merging large quantities of patient data.

UQ Alumni: Health Data

UQ Frontier Forum: the health data revolution 8/22

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