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Supply Chain Training

From 2015-2019, I took 4 years online to do MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management with MIT via edx.org. This involved 5 subjects and a comprehensive final exam I just passed in October 2019.

Publishing Project

Currently in Octoberr 2019, I am working on using supply chain management in publishing several books of my late father.

Recycling Project

In October using Containers for Change site, I am collecting cans and bottles, scanning barcodes to check if refundable using barcode reader software ZBar and Webcam on PCand taking them to depot in Caboolture Queensland Australia to get refund for cans and bottles. This shows supplier selection and quality control to increase ROI.


In 2017, Dwight Walker was trained as a forklift operator which can be used in farms, factories or processing plants for loading, unloading and moving pallets in a warehouse or on and off trucks or vehicles.


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