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Irrigation IoT Automation

In May 2019, I researched improving results from irrigation using moisture sensors and feedback loops.

Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association, Moree NSW

Join the Ag Revolution | Part 2 from Rabbit Hop Films on Vimeo.

Join the Ag Revolution | Part 1 from Rabbit Hop Films on Vimeo.

Join the Ag Revolution | Ryan Hunt from Rabbit Hop Films on Vimeo.

Groundwater Open Data App

I was finalist for Science Open Data Competition of Qld DSITIA in 2014 for our Salt Table Helper App using groundwater electrical conductivity (EC) open data. I went to Burdekin to design app.

In 2015 to 2022, I have extended this app to NSW groundwater data and in 2022 to NT groundwater data.

In October 2023, I attended Australian National Field Days, Borenore via Orange NSW. There I met many smart agribusiness IT developers and found out about salinity in Macquarie River Basin.

Supply Chain

In farming, produce is harvested then moved from field to shed then from shed to warehouse then from warehouse to stores on trucks. Transport and warehousing is vital. Pricing varies based on supply and demand.

I completed a MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management in MIT Edx.org courses in 2015-2020 and got very good marks in maths.

In June 2017, I would have liked to study Cert II Logistics but was unable to get to Kawana Sunshine Coast to complete it.

In January-February 2022, I have studied online Cert III Supply Chain Operations (Warehouse) and am looking to do work placement to complete it.

Machine Learning Applications

In October 2018, I am studying supply chain management in EdX, Inc MIT where I am doing machine learning using Orange Python data science software to find patterns in large quantities of data. This can be applied to substitute similar suppliers if there are economic changes that lead to need to rearrange supply chain.

Robotics (Computer Vision)

In 2018, Sydney University is using robotics and Data Farming is using satellite data for smart agriculture.

In 2022, a robot by Ripe Robotics is being used to pick apples to fill worker shortage due to COVID-19 blocking overseas labour.

In August 2022, I saw SwarmFarm Robotics mobile robot with boom with weed sprayers with cameras which was remote controlled by mobile app at Ekka first show in 3 years due to COVID-19 cancellations.


I studied drones in TUM Edx.org course in 2014 and planned to deploy crop drones.

WiFi and Logistics Mashups

I built a Google mashup portal of WiFi nodes to improve reach of Internet in Orange NSW to start with then expanded it in Australia and overseas for logistics.


In December 2018-January 2019, I thinned apples in Harcourt Victoria.

Thinning apples for a better crop - excellent video for training in thinning

In August 2017, I started strawberry picking in Wamuran QLD 15 km from Caboolture to boost revenue and learn of local horticulture industry ICT and supply chain opportunities.

In June 2017, as part of The Sweetest Job Program of Moreton Bay Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Council, GrowCom and RDA Moreton Bay, I did beginning of Cert II Horticulture by private RTO (paid for by Qld Dept of Education and Training) at Caboolture PCYC and later completed it at Kawana Waters to prepare to work in agribusiness using our supply chain and farm experience.

In 2022, The Sweetest Job Program is now mango picking in NT.

In 2003, 2006 and 2009 I did fruit picking in Gumlu North Queensland and Mooroopna Victoria, Orange New South Wales and Loxton South Australia for about a year total.

In 2015 I worked in a nursery as nursery assistant in Glasshouse Mountains.

Central Highlands AgTech

On 18/3/24 I went to webinar for Agtech Queensland Meetup at Emerald on debate of data ownership in agtech. Truly a prosperous rural area with farming, agtech and mining (coal). It was sponsored by AACo (huge beef cattle stations), Qld DAF Central Queensland Smart Cropping Centre and CQU Emerald Campus.

Forklift Operator HRW Licence

In October I did 3 day Forklift Operator Training via Major Training Group Morayfield via Stones Throw Group (Sweetest Job Program) to get HRW Licence via Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. This is so I can work in logistics on farms or factories.

Pay Rate per Tray

In August 2017 onwards, farm scanned picker code and tray code so they were linked but picker was paid average tray weight based on all people's tray average weight for week. So packing tray was paramount or not paid.


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