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Smart Cities

In 2015 and 2016 I attended 2 Austrade seminars about Smart Cities in India to see if I could setup a branch to develop mobile apps for transport. However India would let me move money out of India and it only let me hire Indians so it failed.

Health ICT

At HISA HIC Hacking Health in Brisbane, August 2015, Dwight Walker collaborated with 2 Indian IT companies neither of which went anywhere:

Mobile Phones

In 2012, India has 900M mobile phones! Staggering!

In Feb 2015, India has 960M mobile phones (77% penetration)!




Indian IT Acquisitions

Call Centres

Australian Census 2011

Indians are third biggest share of migrants after British and NZ, mostly IT professionals.

IT Support Problems

In June 2012, I used Geeks on Call in Canberra and an Indian IT guy warped my netbook's keyboard when he was opening it and took several days to return it, tried to put the price up several times without my permission for doing a backup and put the price up on an external drive he sold me for storing the backup. He was a very dodgy backyard operator and would not give his office address and held me over the barrel for over a week. I will never use him or Geeks on Call again.

Geeks on Call eventually gave me the README of what they did to create the backup and offered to sell me a second hand laptop to load the drive from the failed laptop. They also helped me track down a hard disk cradle on eBay to help me read the original disk. This was after I went to ACT Fair Trading.

Indian IT Recruiters

In September 2013, I was interviewed over the telephone by an Indian IT recruiter in Melbourne for a Brisbane software engineer job. He was pretty hard on my years and level of experience and tried to write me off very quickly. I had to fight back but lost as did not have enough experience in their 5 programming languages.

Since about 2015, my Dice.com IT profile attracts Indian IT recruiters in USA offering me developer jobs in USA which are impossible to apply for as I live in Australia so are very frustrating as USA has plenty of IT jobs and Australia has very few.

Outsourcing to India

We are not interested in outsourcing to Indian Developers but we get over 121 Indian developers attempting to get us to outsource to them for Web development or SEO, very predictable.

In December 2012, on elance.com and freelancer.com, Indian IT competitors beat us on price every time as they have much lower overheads than in Australia and are 50% of our charges.

Parramasala Festival in Parramatta NSW




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