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Supply Chain

We have studied supply chain management in 2015-16 and 2018 with MIT edx.org. We have a forklift operator licence.

IT and Blockchain has a big part to play in modernising supply chain management into the future for transparency and flows.

In 1989, we worked at State Rail Authority of NSW Sydney as system administrator to keep freight to Port Kembla going.

Smart Cities

In August 2015 and March 2016, I went to 2 Austrade Indian Smart Cities and Urban Infrastructure video link seminars in Brisbane with links to Austrade offices in other cities in Australia and their New Delhi office in India to see if it was possible to setup mobile apps in India to manage transport congestion. This fell over as India required all staff and funds to remain in India.

Network Equipment

Since June 2011, I did resell NETGEAR networking equipment including Network Area Storage for backup and disaster recovery, ideal for remote services and digital multimedia such as photographs, audio and video streaming archives and libraries.

Since October 2017, I left PowerShift Partner Program of NETGEAR as PowerShift site went down indefinitely and NETGEAR staff moved to USA and reduced in Australia.

Inhouse Network Equipment

In 2007, I setup my own inhouse Linux and FreeBSD servers and networks so I could develop software reliably then deploy it to the customer via the Internet or a site visit. This was because customers usually had very low quality servers and networks which blew out our costs. Having our own infrastructure and investing in our own IT business led to cost savings and faster turnaround.

NBN Setup and Startup Mentor

Since mid 2015, NBN is being rolled out in Caboolture QLD area as trial to start in mid 2016. Our business and the local area will benefit with high speed broadband for business, education and health. Software industry should blossom.

Wyatt Roy MP as of October 2015 is Assistant Minister for Innovation and in November 2015 invited Facebook to visit Caboolture Hub for Business Booster. His Government is also fostering startup innovation with better tax laws and fund raising regimes to grow IT businesses in Australia not overseas.

We support installation of NBN onsite in people's homes including wifi and streaming video configuration in Caboolture area.

We mentor startups with our 20 years' of IT and business experience.

Wireless Internet Applications

I pioneered a Google Maps mashup for wireless hotspots in 2007.

This in 2009 led to wifi hotspots being setup, mobile internet being investigated and mobile apps being written.

In Orange City Council, I lobbied for WIFI CCTV to curb crime when my bicycle was stolen in 2009.

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