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I only write my own apps. I do not write other people's apps.


A list of apps I am working on or completed:

App NameVideoDataCompanySystemStartedAppsStatusDescriptionTask
Travel BuddyTranslinkMicrosoftWindows Phone 8.1 (ex Mango)/Nokia Lumia 82020111Windows Phone no longer availabletransportDevelopment
Salt Table HelperQld Govt Open DataMicrosoftWindows Phone 8.1 (ex Mango)/Nokia Lumia 82020111Windows Phone no longer availablegroundwaterDevelopment
Travel BuddyTranslinkGoogleAndroid 9.0.120131InhousetransportDevelopment
Salt Table HelperQld Govt Open DataGoogleAndroid 9.0.120131InhousegroundwaterDevelopment, CSV
Salt Table Helper (QLD)YouTube videoQld Govt Open DataWeb BrowserPHP/Javascript/HTML5/CSS2013-20151Prototypegroundwater electrical conductivity mashupDevelopment, CSV
Salt Table Helper (NSW)YouTube videoNSW Govt Open DataWeb BrowserPHP/Javascript/HTML5/CSS2015-20211Prototypegroundwater electrical conductivity mashupDevelopment, JSON
The HopeChristian groupWeb BrowserHTML5/CSS/Sencha/Android20141Taken Off Market by Ownereducation: English as a Second Language toolBackend development: debugging JSON and media configuration
Medical Falls AppDoctorsWeb BrowserAndroid/PHP/Javscript20151Prototypedetect falls of elderly people for doctors and hospitalsMobile and backend development: debugging JSON for SNOMED CT and integration with doctor's practice management software and Queensland Health Integrated Electronic Medical Records using cloud services and alert subscriptions

Platform Migrations Descending

Medical Falls App

In August 2018, I decided to deploy my own setup rather than wait for Australian Government to get MyHealthRecord available. This will be via cloud services with subscriptions by apps on alerts.

In April 2018, I am working on digital health web service integration of my medical falls app with FHIR RESTful server on National Clinical Terminology Service (NCTS) (SNOMED for Australia) (Australian Digital Health Agency) for patient records management online.

With Australian Digital Health Agency, I attended National Clinical Terminology Services and FHIR RESTful Web services webinars and NCTS Connectathon on 17/4/18 at Brisbane where I finished falls app, added alerts and added SNOMED JSON code snippet to integrate with doctor's practice management software and Queensland Health IEMR.

In April 2015, I tried to integrate Medical Falls App into My Health Record with Queensland Health but had security setbacks.

In August 2015, at HISA Hacking Health at HIC I developed a prototype of Falls App and worked with smart home insurance developers.

Salt Table Helper App

I entered Queensland DISITIA Science Open Data Award 2014 and was finalist for my app Salt Table Helper. It uses DNRM groundwater data mashed up with Google Maps and was designed by going to Burdekin in 2014. Currently it covers Queensland and in 2021 NSW. It is to help farmers or land owners find salty areas of their land and plan how to best manage it.

Low Audio Volume on Nokia Lumia 820 Mic

In Febuary 2020 no-one could hear me on Nokia Lumia 820 when I called them because of mic noise-cancellation problem. I used headset with mic and called myself and voicemail volume was OK.

BlackBerry handset gone now QNX RTOS and cyber security

In January 2022, I found BlackBerry handset was end of life from 4 January 2022, that BlackBerry had changed its name from Research in Motion to BlackBerry in July 2013 and BlackBerry now sold BlackBerry QNX RTOS for automotive, medical and industrial applications and did cyber security so no more mobile handsets.

WiFi: Vodafone PocketWifi vs Optus Windows Phone Tethering

In January 2020, I ported my mobile from Optus to a new carrier. The data settings had to be setup properly otherwise no data so I called call centre who completed port then data worked. Windows Phone internet sharing worked fine on new 4G network.

In December 2019, Vodafone PocketWifi was barred then was very slow so I setup Windows Phone tethering on Optus and it was much faster (10 times). I had to reboot Windows Phone to get sftp, https and ssh to work on tethering whereas Vodafone PocketWifi allowed sftp, https and ssh without any reboot of PocketWifi. PocketWifi keeps connection but Windows Phone tethering keeps dropping connection and timing out requiring rebooting to reconnect. I disconnected from Vodafone in end.

Huawei EMUI GUI of Android

In August 2021, I discovered Huawei Y5 2019 Android 9 EMUI 9.1.0 would not work with MobileIron field worker Android work profile setup or SafeZone battery optimisation off setting. Only Samsung Android would work with MobileIron or SafeZone. Huawei brought out EMUI GUI of Android to break through USA embargo in 2017 on use of Google Android in their phones.

Android/Samsung Backup

Samsung Android Contact Backup Problems

In September 2018, my Samsung Android phone power button failed and I could not export contacts in CSV or sync it with Microsoft Live/Hotmail or Google Contacts. Samsung only lets other Samsung devices sync with it so I am trapped into buying another Samsung device to sync the contacts across from the old phone and then manually copying them to a non-Samsung phone. This is lock-in.

I should have manually exported contacts in Android direct. Android backup only backs up app settings not contacts. This is a trap.

All Samsung devices have an account where contacts and user data is stored in the Samsung Cloud - account.samsung.com. This is a trap if person wants to change from Samsung to another phone or tablet etc. Microsoft Live/Hotmail only stored contacts from when I had a Nokia phone not from when I had a Samsung Android phone. Google Contacts did not store my contacts unless I picked Google not Samsung when I created a contact. This is the trap - the storage account chosen when a contact is created. It binds person to that manufacturer if they want to continue using their own data.

If phone is working, Samsung has Smart Switch app to sync contact and message data to Samsung Cloud, Smart Switch software for Windows and Mac OS X to backup Android to personal computer and Samsung Members app for support.

If I buy a Samsung device to extract contacts, I will avoid using it again or buy another Samsung device again or copy all contacts into a separate database for backup if phone dies.

Android and Xamarin

Android Xamarin development was replaced from Xamarin Studio by Visual Studio when Microsoft bought Xamarin. This was to get more apps for Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile from Android app developers using Xamarin.

Since 10 Dec 2019, Windows 10 Mobile is now end of life. Customers and developers need to migrate to Android or iOS devices. Windows Phone apps will run on Android and iOS.

I started developing mobile apps for Windows Phone but migrated to Xamarin which can deploy on Android or Windows Phone. After Xamarin was bought out by Microsoft, Windows Phone was replaced by Windows 10 Mobile only for certain models in 2018.

In June 2014, I bought a Samsung Android 4.1 Smartphone and have seen a huge increase in productivity using over 10 location-based services from Google Play mainly government, telco and shopping apps. We have used it successfully to test Android applications.

From 2014, I used Xamarin to develop cross-platform .NET apps for Windows Phone and Android. In February 2016, Microsoft started to acquire Xamarin.


In February 2012, we setup a PHP script on the mail server to be triggered when a certain sender email address appeared to email a copy of the body to an SMS gateway to alert the developer of work coming in. This failed as the email had MIME header information I had not parsed so junk was SMS-ed to me not the body. I now rely on SMS direct from the supplier's site not me munging it into an email which I email to an SMS gateway.

Testing Mobile Apps

In December 2012, due to high cost ($10,000 for 20 x $500 smartphones), we did not pursue setting up a test lab for mobile apps for international developers to see how fast they operate on 3G networks and WIFI in Australian conditions. We suggested the overseas developers use coverage maps from Telstra, Vodafone and Optus and ask manufacturers Nokia, Apple, Samsung and Blackberry for access to remote testing labs.

We approached Telstra Mobile Innovation Lab for access to do testing on their devices but they did not reply so will have to come up with own VM version of each device in the Cloud.

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