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Networks, Security and Communications

We can provide onsite installation and troubleshooting for LANs and networks for small businesses:

Domain and Hosting Management

We specialise in disaster recovery of dodgy sites to better quality hosting.

We can advise on and manage Web hosting and domain registration and delegation for your business or group over the Internet. This includes Web design and email hosting as required.

To ensure there is a quality hosting and domain service behind the customer, if required we are a reseller of a specific well-known service. Too many times, the customer goes for cheap and nasty so we have moved to cut them off from this path! They never change, so we handover management back to the customer after giving them 1 year's effort to see if they will take over the reins. Then it is good-bye.

If the customer gives in to common-sense, we can move a database-drive site, e.g. PHP/MySQL, from a bad quality hosting service to a much better quality reasonably priced hosting service to stop the problems the customer has from constant crashing. We have done this for several small businesses in 2006 and 2007. It stops the yoyo existence of poor quality cheap-skate hosting on both us the developer and the customer.

We can research and repair damaged DNS settings that have let a site become invisible to other users and get the damaged site back online.

We can help you setup hosting on your own PC via a firewall, broadband connection, domain and DNS.

Remote, Onsite, Virtual and VoIP Support

We provide support via remote Internet access, phone, onsite visits, virtualization and cloud computing.

WFH (Work from Home) Setup

To enable business continuity, we can assist businesses to setup their staff to WFH (Work from Home) using streaming and collaboration tools for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Web sites, Portals, Groupware and Publishing

Commercial Portals

We deliver a powerful Internet tool for organising your company or selling or distributing a product or service. We also repair or upgrade existing portals.

Cookie-Cutter Portals

We build, install and customise portals for small businesses and professional groups, e.g. conference management system IAPR Commence.

Training and Manuals for Website Management

We provide training and manuals for owners of Websites so they can edit and manage their own content after we have setup their site. This is done onsite or over the internet.


We can integrate Windows and Linux servers and connect users to each other using forums and chat.


If you are a publisher or software house, we can write easy-to-read technical documents like user manuals, reviews and pro-forma terms and conditions. We can provide the basic copy so you can insert your screen dumps or images later. This can be done entirely over the Internet or onsite. We can research competently most topics.

See our resume for a long list of citations of good quality articles we have been accepted by editors for publication widely in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada. We are a professional technical writer.

We have developed Web-based indexing software to manually index a book which is then inserted into a publication before publication.

We also edit copy provided for easy reading on the Web or in the publication.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you need it, we can index the documents for easy retrieval. This is useful for Websites where we insert meta data tags to ensure high ratings on most search engines. This will lead to more traffic to your site and interest in what you offer or sell. We can also configure onsite search engines to allow for quick retrieval of information e.g. for an online newsletter archive.

Yahoo! and Google seem to have cornered this market with their easy to configure keyword bidding and clickthroughs. However with our knowledge of meta data we can optimise even these smooth systems. We pre-date Yahoo! and Google in Web indexing (1996). (See 'research')

Google Maps and Mobile Applications

We created mobile portal solution so that users with tablets or mobile phones can easily access vital contact, calendar or sales information on the road via the mobile phone network or hot-spots.

Now we build Google Maps so people can look up overlaid points on a map to find a point of interest or solve a logistics problem such as building a road or finding a housing site or setting up a line-of-sight contact in a community wireless network. We have all the trigonometric software to perform distance/azimuth calculations. We wrote it ourselves with our mathematics skills from our science degree.

Since 2014, we have developed demos of 2 mobile phone applications for location-based services including transport and science. Our Salt Table Helper app was Finalist for 2014 Qld DSITIA Science Open Data Awards. The app mashes up electrical conductivity of groundwater open data in Queensland rivers as a measure of salt in soil helping farmers better grow their crops.

There is also a collection of articles and ideas for wireless internet in the country, apart from our idea of a wireless database of nodes which we use in our business for logistics and publishing research.

Contact us for a pricing request for one of the above solutions to enhance and grow your online business and technical knowledge. Invest in your future!

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