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Location and Background

In 2002-2012, we were based in Orange NSW 30 km away from Newcrest Cadia Valley Operations gold and copper mine.

In 2013, we moved to Brisbane then Caboolture. In Queensland coal mining is very big including electrification of main line to coal towns in Mackay basin in 1980s to ship coal from Hay Point.

In 2014, we were Qld DSITIA finalist for Salt Table Helper mobile app using groundwater open data in Queensland. This app solves problem of location of salt in groundwater in soil.

In April 2015 free QUT online robotics course Dwight Walker studied, Prof Peter Corke described using robotics on coal mines in drag line automation.

In 2015-2019, Dwight Walker studied supply chain management in MIT edx.org course and achieved a MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management in 2019.

We are software engineers and work at low level in technology for system programming, real time systems and system automation.

We are also information managers and system librarians so can manage large amounts of data, and research business processes and intelligence using the Internet and computer software.

We are also science chemistry graduates so can ascertain mining information at a chemical assay level.

We can optimise supply chain to improve return on investment (ROI).

Mining Solutions

We are able to setup:

Project Management and Information Management

We can provide project management and information management consulting and integration with Web-based tools for mining companies in Australia and overseas.


We have technical skills in:

Products we support:

Software languages and frameworks we program in:

Quotes or General Enquiries

Please contact us for a free quote or to get intial feedback on a project you may be starting or need advice on!

Mining News

Productivity Increase via IT Investment

Rio Tinto Automated Trucks 360 11/18

Rio Tinto uses driverless trains to haul ore in Pilbara WA 10/17

Mining Technology Equipment and Services (METS) - Austrade Exports, India

Australian mining expertise can be exported to other countries' mining industries.

Austrade - Expomin Chile 2014


Monitoring Fatigue

SmartCap EEG cap monitors driver fatigue to stop accidents to, from and on coal mines on large machinery or normal vehicles at Hunter Valley and Cadia, Orange NSW. SmartCap is supported by CRC Mining and AngloAmerican and applies to transport, railways and aviation as well.

Mining Boom: Adani

In March 2017, Adani (India) is contemplating a mega coal mine in Galilee Basin in Central Queensland which would generate thousands of construction and mining jobs. Queensland Premier is seeking to get Adani to commit to starting mining.

Mining Bust

Carbon Tax

In May 2012, BHP cut $50Bn in expenditure due to the carbon tax. This will stop the upward pressure on interest rates and help our business. Foreign investment will be cut which will mean more Australians will get the benefits of the mining boom. Brisbane will be taxed more so the excessive inflation and debt will be halted. Australian Coal mines operated by Rio Tinto are starting to be closed so the Green House problem will be reduced for future generations. (AFR 5-6/5/12)

Hazelwood brown coal generator, East Gippsland, Victoria, will be closed due to the carbon tax introduced on 1/7/12 in Australia by the Australian Government as it generated 16 million tonnes of CO2 per year and banks will not fund it. (AFR 6/12)

In 20 November 2013, the Abbot Coalition Govt repealed the Carbon Tax.


On Channel 95 Your money on 24/4/19, a Port of Mackay worker was earning $250,000 per annum with high overtime. He wanted ALP to tax his wages less than what they planned with 49% tax if they won 2019 election.

Blue collar jobs (truck driving, loader driving, crane driving) are very wealthy in coal industry with no higher education so students leave school early to work in mining according to a high school teacher I knew in Mirani near Mackay whom I visited in 2003.

Mining destroys education in the Mackay/Bowen Basin coal mining area.

"Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we die!" 1 Cor 15:32 - vapid lifestyle

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