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Southern Astronomy / Sky & Space Magazine Index 1988-92

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Indexed up to 1992 by Dwight Walker

covers the first five volumes 1(1)-5(6), 1988-92

Sky & Space is a great Australian astronomy magazine covering the Southern Hemisphere, an area hard to find information on. The magazine covers astronomy, space and astrophysics and has a broad range of black and white and colour astrophotography. It is aimed at the amateur astronomer, high school student and semiprofessional.

Index for the enthusiast and astronomy club

This product is invaluable for accessing detailed information from the relevant back issues of Southern Astronomy/Sky and Space.

Nearly all astronomical objects have been covered including galaxies, stars and quasars plus all the photographs. Now you should be able to find what you are looking for in the night sky!

The organisation of the Index


Off the market.


We do ad-hoc astronomy research. Contact us with your query. We are a professional research librarian with science background.

Post 1992 Material

For later material, search the index in SAGE bibliographic database from RMIT Publishing's Informit Search available in most High School and some public libraries.

Back Issues

Sky & Space is available from your local library. The two titles are:

Related Materials

Sky & Space / Southern Astronomy Magazine

Sky & Space and Southern Astronomy is available from your local library up to 2007

See Trove for library holdings of Sky & Space Magazine.

The publisher Sky & Space Publishing (Galaxy Publishing Pty Ltd ABN 50 106 693 627) closed in March 2010 and stopped publishing in 2008 due to Lyle's illness.

Australia also was a tough market to make money out of in astronomy.

Australian Sky & Telescope

In August 2015, I discovered this has same editor as Critical Comms, the previous editor of Southern Astronomy Jonathan Nally! This is where Australian astronomy ended.


In November 2018, I discovered this new astronomy ecommmerce and information site run by Jonathan Nally past editor of Sky & Space and current editor of Australian Sky & Telescope.

My Astro Shop

Australian telescope ecommerce site.


Critical Comms

Radio communications

Sky & Telescope

UK astronomy magazine that beat Sky & Space and Southern Astronomy in the end!

National Geographic Solar System Virtual Tour

Earth and Sky Radio Series

US based - has RealAudio

Comet Central - Questacon, Canberra, Australia

star charts - sponsored by the British High Commission, Questacon and Canberra Planetarium and Observatory

Best Educational Astronomy Sites

link list

ABC Stargazing

T-Rex Astronomy Thesaurus - Downloads

The subject index was based on T-Rex, the astronomy thesaurus produced by the Anglo-Australian Observatory, Sydney. It can be downloaded freely in Mac, PC or UNIX format.

Deep Space Catalogs

Deepsky Astronomy Software

DC-3 Dreams Software - Bob Denny

Mopra ATNF Radio Telescope sold off by cash-strapped CSIRO

Australia and New Zealand Square Kilometre Array (anzSKA)

Parkes Observatory, NSW

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)

Grove Creek Observatory, NSW

Plenty of CCD images of deep sky objects! flying saucer

Remote control CCD telescope setup by Wheaton College and Columbia University, USA

1 hour from Orange NSW via Blayney

research into transient gassing of the Moon (Columbia)

Mallee Sky

Loxton SA amateur astronomer - closed 5/18

National Space Society of Australia

The Astronomical Society of NSW Inc.

Western Sydney Amateur Astronomy Group Inc

Moon Society

Astrophysics, University of Melbourne, Australia

Comet pictures and astronomy news updates.

The Edge Cosmology Events, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Bureau of Meteorology Space Weather Services

Australian Space Weather Agency - Australasian ionosphere

Project Horus

Horus 36 Flight Preparation Timelapse from Grant Willis (VK5GR) on Vimeo.


Tesat Spacecom

German aerospace company


puts commercial launches into orbit - closed 2006

Taken over by Sierra Nevada space company.

US Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Aerospace Centre - Canberra


BLUEsat Project

UNSW student microsatellite

Chinese satellite shatters quantum teleportation distance record 6/17

increased distance of light from 100km to 1200km

Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR)

Satellite Tracking

Woomera, South Australia

rocket launch site in 1960s and 1970s - built in 1947

Meteor hits Russia

Australian Spaceguard Survey

search for Near Earth Objects (NEO) - Microplanets (comets, asteroids and meteoroids) in southern hemisphere


Planetary Alignment

Australia Unlimited


Earth at Night from Space Shuttle (NASA)

NASA CubeSats

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

NASA Cassini Solstice Mission to Saturn and Titan

NASA Hubble Space Telescope

NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing 1969

NASA Moon Dust Tapes Restoration

Off Earth Mining Forum (Moon)

ACSER (Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research) UNSW 20-21/2/13 - includes NASA and USC

ALLTRA - Alltransport Spacetransport

Virgin Galactic

Research Institutes: Astronomy and Astrophysics


The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System

citation database of astrophysics articles


Unrefereed Papers

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