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In 2011, we are interested in exporting mobile phone software to South Korea and are pursuing it via Austrade Korea.

In August 2013, Austrade surveyed my business re my Korean business which has stalled due to constraints of cash for research and development of embedded software, cross-cultural communication experience and marketing expertise in Korea.

In May 2015, Dwight Walker gave up the idea of exporting software to Korea as they expect enterprise software and he doesn't have the time or resources to develop it via R&D then market it.

In 2014-2015, Dwight Walker did very well in QUT and TUM edx.org MOOC Python drone and MATLAB training in robotics (mathematics and mechanical engineering) which is relevant to heavy industry software applications in South Korea like automobile manufacture or shipbuilding.


Korea has much heavy industry such as steelworks, automobile manufacturer and shipbuilding.

Korean Backpackers

In 2003 at Home Hill QLD, I did fruit picking with Korean backpackers who were very community minded, friendly and hitech. How did they come to Australia? They looked it up on the Internet! They were very hospitable and shared their food with me so I got to love Koreans! They loved culture and music too unlike British Backpackers who were rough and hard to get to know.

Korean Presbyterian and Charismatic Churches

Yonggi Cho is a very strong Christian leader in Korea and his prayerful ministry in Korea is an inspiration to Western Christians round the world. The Prayer House run by Dae Sop Yoon since about 2008 in Orange NSW. He has run an annual conference in January since about 2010 in Orange Function Centre with free rent by the Orange City Council as it has brought such recognition and funds and business to Orange thanks to Fiona Rossiter's influence on Council. She gave a good testimony to the Korean Christian Conference when it was run in January 2011. Music was great at their conference when they had a free afternoon tea as an outreach to the community. The Koreans are most generous and prayerful. I was done a lot of good healthwise by their prayers. Presbyterian Church of Korea arose from Australian missionary efforts in the 1884 onwards (120th anniversary in 2004). It is now a fully indigenous church with no Western influence.

Ann St Presbyterian Church Brisbane has a Korean congregation whom I have met in Feb 2017 over a meal near King George Square.

Korean War 1951

Captain Reg Saunders, first commissioned aboriginal officer, fought in this battle.

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