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This is a summary of several large portals I developed and the pros and cons of various approaches. Most were done with opensource tools. Some were using someone else's software and modifying it for the customer.

See Portals for an introduction to this page.

NoMarketStatusSampleApplication SoftwarePlatform TechnologyApplication LicensingPlatform LicensingCosts
1Commercial PortalsDeadDating ServiceDateMillPHP, MySQL, Linux, x86CommercialOpen Source90% support, 10% design
2Cookie-Cutter PortalsMovedCommunity GroupDotNetNuke.NET Framework, SQL Server, Microsoft, x86Open SourceCommercial80% support, 20% design
3Commercial PortalsExpiredUnnamed Businessoriginal customPHP, MySQL, Linux, x86CommercialOpen Source5% support, 80% programming, 15% design
4Commercial PortalsMovedUnnamed Companyclone customPHP, MySQL, Mac OS X, G5 PowerMac, AirportCommercialCommercial90% support, 5% programming, 5% design
5Commercial PortalsRevivedUnnamed CompanygeneratedPHP, Postgresql, Linux, x86, CodeCharge, LAN, Remote DesktopCommercialCommercial90% support, 5% programming, 5% design
6Commercial PortalsMovedUnnamed CompanyCustom import of 1 million records in ASCII format merged with SOAP feedPHP, MySQL, awk, C, Python, Linux, x86, ssh, SOAPCommercialOpen Source15% support, 80% programming, 5% design
7Commercial PortalsUnfinishedUnnamed CompanyTranslations contact and project database on intranetPHP, MySQL, Linux, x86, JavascriptCommercial, Open SourceOpen Source10% support, 80% programming, 10% design
8Commercial PortalsLiveProfessional SocietyWordPressPHP, MySQL, Linux, x86, JavascriptOpen SourceOpen Source90% support, 10% design
9Commercial PortalsLivePublisherJoomla!PHP, MySQL, Linux, x86, Javascript, VPS, cloudOpen SourceOpen Source70% support, 30% design
10Commercial PortalsLiveHealthcare CompanyProducts and servicesPHP, Perl, Linux, x86, Javascript, PayPalCommercial, Open SourceOpen Source30% support, 20% programming, 50% design
11Commercial PortalsLiveSelf-PublishingMediawiki plus EPUB pluginsPHP, MySQL, Linux, x86, JavascriptCommercial, Open SourceOpen Source50% support, 10% programming, 40% design

NB: Any sites without a link have been redeveloped by another developer or gone bust.

Created: 22 Dec 2010 19:15
Last Updated: 4 July 2020 11:40

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