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Perth being so remote is a very tech savvy city with hitech distributors, hosting and domain companies and high mining investment for the Northwest.

We were using a NETGEAR distributor in Perth till Febuary 2012, when he informed us he had ceased distributing NETGEAR from October 2011 after which I gave up getting a distributor in SA or NSW as they were too bureaucratic and low-tech, still insisting on paper forms scanned, emailed or posted to them instead of doing reseller registration online like WA does.

Mt Margaret Mission Book

Since 2008, I am editing and indexing a book on Aboriginal missions my late father wrote.

Huge Mining Projects in Northwest

From 2011, the new LNG Gorgon Project will start in the Northwest on Barrow Island 130km off the coast. Chevron is one of the US miners.

The North West Shelf Project worth $27Bn has been shipping 3000 tankers of LNG to WA and overseas.

These massive projects have driven wages up, as workers are scarce, and increased inflation in the rest of Australia by the raising of the interest rates creating a 2 speed economy of which I am suffering in the slower sector outside mining. I hope the mining bubble bursts so normal prices return to Australia. I don't get very much out of mining, just higher interest rates.

In 2010, Kevin Rudd ex PM tried to introduce a Resource Super Profits Tax to get some of the money back for growing the economy, not just profiting a select few millionaires but the whole of Australia. This resulted in him being spilled from office and Julia Gillard taking over as PM. WA miners lobbied the Liberal Party hard to stop the Resources Tax by placing full page ads in local papers to batter the Australian ALP Government's resolve to use resources for the benefit of the normal citizen not just the elite. Julia Gillard passed the Mineral Resources Rent Tax (MRRT) which applies only to iron ore and coal in November 2011, a watered down tax (reduced from 40% to 30%) that the 2 big mining companies BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto accepted. (Gillard seals mining tax deal 2/7/2010, Passing of Minerals Resources Rent Tax 24/11/11)


In the 1980s I visited Albany.


My father SP Walker visited UAM churches in 1990 in this area - Kununurra to Derby - to see fruits of his labour in the Lord as a UAM missionary in 1942-1955.

Secession of WA over Low Share of GST

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