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Developer Tools

We are interested in Telerik .NET and Agile developer tools including TeamPulse. We heard Joel Semeniuk of Telerik speak at Sydney .NET User Group in 16 March 2011.


In May 1998, I visited Vancouver and Toronto en route to the American Society for Indexing conference in Seattle. Victoria on Vancouver Island was very beautiful and had a statue of Captain Cook which made me feel very at home. Not many places honour Captain Cook who discovered Australia in 1770.

In 1998, I had one Canadian customer from University of British Columbia who was interested in Web indexing.

I enjoy Canadian hospitality and great sense of humour. Canadians are a lot like Australians compared to Americans who are often loud and brash.

The Canadian dollar is on par with the Australian dollar so in 1998 it was cheaper to visit Canada than USA (1AUD=0.60USD vs 1AUD=1CAD).

In early 2014, Web index of Hansard of Legislative Assembly of Ontario won Web Indexing Award. Since 2014, many Canadian indexers are joining or contributing to Digital Publications Indexing SIG of American Society for Indexing of which Dwight Walker is Webmaster since 2011.

Church History Publications

We work with Pam Mann (nee Nash) in British Columbia on UAM church history from 1950-1990 in West Australia as the Walkers and Nashes were together in UAM Fitzroy Crossing WA in 1950s:

Wheelchair Basketball

In 2000, I enjoyed the Canadian wheelchair basketball team watching them play in the Sydney Paralympics in which they dominated.

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