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Music Lessons

In Brisbane in December 2019, I met a timber merchant from Honiara who was interested in violin lessons.

Google Maps

WIFI and location database in Google Maps was developed by Dwight Walker. Mapping of difficult terrain can be accomplished by Dwight Walker using Web and mobile apps.


In June 2018, Australia built network to Solomon Islands to stop China's Huawei due to security concerns.


Chinese Power

Some Solomon Islanders I met in Brisbane in December 2019 said there was still corruption in Solomon Islands and Chinese only gave locals labouring jobs not advanced jobs and one Chinese owned 5 stores giving them much political and economic power. This inequity stifles growth of local economy. They need better laws to regulate this corruption.

Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) (2003-2017)

In November 2021, Australia sent AFP and ADF to Solomon Islands as part of RAMSI to stop riots over Solomon Islands government aligning with China and dropping Taiwan.

In 2003-2017, Australia sent AFP to be part of RAMSI to support Solomon Islands to quell violence from civil war that was driving Solomon Islands into bankruptcy.

Missionary Connections

South Sea Evangelical Mission (archive) was in Solomon Islands from Australia 1880s due to Kanakas in Queensland harvesting sugar cane.

In June and August 2021, I met 2 lots of 5 Solomon Islanders doing seasonal work in Caboolture area. One went to South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC). All were Christians. They speak Pidgin.

In 1997, SSEM partnered with APCM (Asia Pacific Christian Mission) (mission I worked with in PNG in 1980s) to form Pioneers.

I met some in Brisbane in May 2018 from Solomon Islands who said native was now running SSEC.

Wesleyan World Missions setup Noro Training Centre. Manager visited Caboolture Wesleyan Methodist Church in 7/15. See more news re this.

Noro Training Centre - Full Presentation from Walk A Mile Media on Vimeo.

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy was in shipping accident in WWII in which Australian coastwatcher saved his life (Coastwatchers). He later became president of USA.

Fonts and Scripting Languages

SIL have fonts and software for Bible Translation.


A Tourist's guide to Honiara, Solomon Islands - War Memorial


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