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Missionary Connections

Mavis Price is a family friend, whose father Rhys Price was a patrol officer in PNG in WWII (1940s) and later missionary with Presbyterian Inland Mission in Kimberley, WA when Dwight's parents Preston and Kath Walker and family were missionaries with UAM at Sunday Island, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing. She was a literacy teacher at Ukarumpa, PNG, for Wycliffe and SIL to translate the Bible into the local languages and teach literacy to villagers. Now she is part-time literacy lecturer at SIL Kangaroo Ground VIC (12/16).

Mission Trip

In 1980s, Dwight Walker went with Wynnum Baptist to do a short-term mission to APCM (Asia Pacific Christian Mission, later Pioneers) at Mougulu, Western Province with Tom Hoey and built a school at the Fuma. He flew on MAF from Mt Hagen to Mougulu with Roy Hoey who was later killed in a plane crash. This had an impact on him re Bible translation and Christian missionary work. Tom later finished translating the Bible into Bedamuni (Biami tribe) and Dwight saw it in around 2010 in Brisbane.

In 2018, Tom Hoey still goes up to Mougulu for work parties on hydro or radio station. In February 2018, there was an earthquake in Mougulu and the hydro was damaged. Also in April 2018 there was an earthquake in Mougulu.

Google Maps

WIFI and location database in Google Maps was developed by Dwight Walker. Around 2010, Dwight Walker mapped Mougulu and other mission stations on Google Maps, using PNG census statistics to draw him to the existence of Mougulu on Google Maps.

Fonts and Scripting Languages

From 2011 till 2017 Dwight Walker was honorary Webmaster of Digital Publications (ex Web and Electronic) Indexing SIG of American Society for Indexing. He listed SIL resources on fonts and scripting languages in resources to help other translators worldwide. That site is now only on WayBack Machine as it was taken down without notice in September 2017 to be replaced by another site using WordPress. Dwight kept backups.


In Dec 2015 in Brisbane, Dwight Walker met an ex PNG policeman who informed him of police brutality being rife with very few being charged or sentenced for murdering civilians. He said AFP were only training PNG police.

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