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Disaster Recovery

In May 2018, I supported Ugandan missionary via email who had tried to restore files to his Windows XP PC but lost system files and system had Blue Screen of Death and would not boot.

I helped advise him re how to restore registry and system files so system would boot or data could be recovered and used on another PC.

This was to save years of work as main business software was not executable.

Testing backups is vital.

Mobile Applications

We were looking at writing Nokia S40 mobile applications running on the new X3 that can be used in Africa including Sudan, Liberia, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa to aid in infrastructure projects for health, education and Christian evangelism.

In 2021, this is replaced by Android One phones that are cut down versions of Android 9 so don't run everything on Android 9. They have less memory, CPU speed and features and use less bandwidth.

In Africa people only have smartphones on low bandwidth 3G mobile internet plus WiFi at internet cafes to download apps and ebooks. Android is very popular. Laptops are too expensive. EBay UK is where they get their smartphones and laptops.

Mobile Audio Players and Radio Stations

Christine Platt from Orange Presbyterian is new CEO of GRN. She is an electrical engineer from New South Wales. I heard her in July 2012 in Orange Presbyterian. She is using her technical skills in setting up radio transmitters and mobile hard drives and MP3 players with wind-up power supply to deliver the gospel in 6000 languages worldwide including Africa.

Financial Sinkhole

Africa is a financial sinkhole. I never get any joy there with my business.

Blockchain could be used to make transactions transparent and stop fraud.

Also better cyber security will reduce cyber criminal phishing.

Rory Stewart OBE (UK): "Failed States in Africa - and How Not to Fix Them", Yale lecture, 4/18


Africa is full of crime, theft, impersonation, corruption and fraud. Their banking system and government officers need to be cleaned up. Criminals are always laundering money rather than working hard and using investments to advance their country. Greed is very common. Nearly all countries are run by dictatorships ranging from good to bad. They need transparent governments by putting their parliaments' Hansard online to search and see if they live up to what they promise to make their governments accountable. Nearly every internet money scam originates in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast). They are full of crooks and gangsters with poor law enforcement and crowded jails, low education and communication, high unemployment, war, flourishing organised criminal underworld and rampant HIV epidemic from poor moral standards and poverty.

USA for Africa: We are the World (Charity)

Famous US singers support charity USA for Africa - Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Cindy Lauper, Ray Charles, Willy Nelson, Bette Midler, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, etc. in 1985.

This is a truly inspiring song which has raised $100M USD over past 33 years (1985).

Travel - Train Journeys

Cape to Cairo by Train - Neil Shaw TV - June 2019 - South Africa, Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt - Chinese railways from Tanzania to Kenya

South Africa

SIM COVID-19 briefings including South Africa 13:00-14:36, 1:00:00-, 1:2200-

I met a South African embassy staffer in Canberra in 2010.

South Africa has many mobile phone operators and communications companies.

South Africa is a base for Western IT companies in Africa.

From 2014-2016, in nursing home at Eight Mile Plains Brisbane, I play violin for a South African anglican priest who runs an ecumentical service every fortnight. He is a most generous and encouraging Christian brother who is always ready to help if I am stuck. He is never mean or condescending.

In 15 February 2018, Zuma resigned, a very corrupt ANC president of South Africa for past 9 years. ANC forced him to resign.

In March 2021, RazorPig flight simulator operator on Facebook flew from Gooderson Drakensberg Garden to Ladysmith over sites of Boer War at 1:00:00-.

In December 2021, Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu died aged 90. He was a famous civil rights campaigner against Apartheid in South Africa.

Desmond Tutu Compilation: Social & Political Situation in South Africa, Global Conflicts (1986-1994) - C-SPAN

Desmond Tutu on Vimeo

African Enterprise theological training of ministers in Africa - George Whitefield College and Pastor Training Course in South Africa - BTh - better lead churches with knowledge rather than using traditions and syncretic theology

United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia



June 2023: war in Khartoum between Muslims and Christians with Muslims destroying churches and killing Christians.

No jobs since South Sudan split away and took all oil reserves (train Cape Town to Cairo 6/19)

Muslim north

South Sudan

South Sudan was formed in the UN in 2011 from the south of Sudan in answer to the persecution of the south by the north's islamic majority. This was an answer to prayer! 200,000 Sudanese have died during this civil war.

After independence South Sudan fell into Civil War in 2013 and there are now 1 million refugees!

Formation of a University

In December 2015, Bishop was looking to form a University by merging Yei Teacher Training College and 5 other church projects.

From 2016, YTTC is now fully affiliated with the University of Juba - basic website (Facebook). University of Juba by May 2020 has an official site: University of Juba.

In 2015, YTTC was ranked the best of 54 teacher colleges affiliated with Kyambogo University, Uganda.

South Sudan is very illiterate and badly needs better educational facilities and teachers.

In 2015, the Bishop was seeking a new college principal which I presume he found by now.

Church University Project Coordinator

The person would provide leadership in policy formation, develop plans and tools for the management of the University, and mobilize resources.

The person would be on the Diocesan staff, and qualifications include: prayerfulness, enthusiasm, a PhD, and be self-supported.

Contact persons:

  1. Bishop Hillary Adeba
  2. Principal YTTC
  3. Diocesan Education Coordinator
  4. Diocesan Program Coordinator

Radio Project of ACROSS SIM

A colleague Rhys and Rhondda Hall of ACROSS SIM have setup a Radio Program in South Sudan for education, health and evangelism. Rhondda's father Rhys Price was a close friend of my father Preston Walker. They both went to Melbourne Bible Institute in 1938-39.

Rhys is attending a literacy expo and Mobiles for Education symposium in September 2012 in the USA. At the literacy expo, he is speaking on using digital media players for education, mother tongue books and songs for literacy. ACROSS now receives USAID for All Children Reading Project end of 2012 - great news!

In 2013, part of the radio project will close and some staff will be sacked from Faith Line Ministries. Send aid via Western Union to assist Faith Line Ministries to continue by themselves - worthy project.

In 2015-2016 ACROSS is using DAPs in cattle camps as UN lead agency to bring peace in civil war in South Sudan and in Northern Uganda refugee camps. DAPs are used for education, singing, evangelism and peace keeping. The South Sudan civil war is between tribal pasturalists. A colleague Walter is presenting at UNESCO Paris re ACROSS DAP educational work in March 2017. He is also presenting re ACROSS DAP ministry at Mobile Education conferences in Netherlands in March-April 2017. ACROSS DAP are teaching literacy in the mother tongue via materials from SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics).

From 2021, Rhys and Rhondda Hall are working remotely for ACROSS Uganda and South Sudan from Castlemaine Victoria Australia due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. They are publishing South Sudanese hymnbooks, church training books and Christian biographies via ACROSS publisher in Africa region and other publishers on Amazon for non-African regions.

FAITH (Faith Aid InitiaTive for Humanity) - FAITH South Sudan

In July 2013, this is the first video of Mbaraza Emmanuel whom I know personally - reggae gospel music, easy listening and uplifting to the heart. In November 2013, I added 2 more videos, such a blessing. This guy is an angel used by God to lift up tired and weary Christian brothers like me.

Mbaraza Emmy is on ReverbNation, an indie music site, with music tracks, videos and events, where he makes a small amount of money from online sales of his original music. He is also on Soundcloud and Bandcamp where he also sells albums and tunes.

In May 2020, Mbaraza Emmanuel needed affiliate outside his country to let his organisation Faith Aid IniTiative for Humanity Ltd (FAITH) receive payments via internet in South Sudan/Uganda via his music sites above as PayPal payment was blocked in his country of South Sudan. m-Gurush in Bank of South Sudan in Juba now has mobile money which may be a better local option to WorldRemit in UK.

Mobile money is more convenient than ATM as many Africans cannot open a bank account due to lack of documents and mobile money only requires a SIM card registration. Agent pays person money via message from mobile phone and person has PIN to protect cash. Africa is way ahead of West in mobile money!

He needed a job since his job was axed when mission funding ran out in 2012. In April 2014 after 14 mths he got a job as a DJ! What an answer to prayer!

As of 2014, he now has his own recording studio with a video camera provided by a friend. It is very challenging to see him following the Lord in such dire poverty.

In April 2014, Rhondda Hall, a missionary in ACROSS, sent me a CD of Mbaraza's music! Very uplifting Christian music! What a brother!

In May 2016, Mbaraza Emmanuel is planning on building a radio station in South Sudan with help from UK. I rang him on Facebook Messenger Android app over WiFi. His voice sounded like in his video clips above!

APWM Presbyterian Church of South Sudan

Motor Yat 2013 (Large) from APWM on Vimeo.

South Sudanese Refugee Nuer Bibles from APWM on Vimeo.

Orange NSW

About 50 Sudanese, mostly Christian, have settled in Orange since 2010.

Brisbane QLD

In July 2019 in Coorparoo, I learned of South Sudanese Catholic Community in Tarragindi who wanted to learn musical instruments (violin and piano).

In February 2019 I learned from Pioneers of Australia group that Gateway Presbyterian Church in Ascot and Nundah has a South Sudanese congregation mainly Anuak people.


In March 2022, I met Duku Fore ex Ugandan refugee/businessman in Brisbane Business Hub launching his autobiography.

In March 2017, Mbaraza Emmanuel, radio announcer from Yei, South Sudan, has relocated to Arua, Uganda to setup radio ministry to refugees in South Sudan. He is linked to Faithline Ministries South Sudan.

In December 2017, Rhys and Rhondda Price in ACROSS SIM are now in Arua Uganda servicing with literature and agriculture Rhino refugee camp Uganda with Eden farm 50km northeast of Arua. They work with Anglican church in Arua.

From Arua, Uganda, they distribute DAPs (Digital Audio Players) with peace building training and Christian messages to herdsmen in South Sudanese refugee camps in Uganda and the South Sudanese Army (Sep 2018-). They also publish hymn books and Sunday School literature in the vernacular. There are many churches springing up in refugee camps from Christians who are refugees there from South Sudan. They need Bibles and hymn books and Sunday School materials to combat the decline in moral standards and harsh conditions.

Uganda is safer than South Sudan due to civil war in South Sudan trashing the economy and the people.

In April 2018, I got spammed by Ugandan orphanage for support so blocked them on Facebook.

In January 2021, Mbaraza Emmanuel through his group FAITH is training 120 students in ministry in Rhino refugee camp near Arua Uganda with aid from UK. He works with the Anglican Church in Uganda at Arua.


SIM COVID-19 briefings including Nigeria 48:00-, 1:18:42-

Nigeria has a population of 160M, an ex British colony so English as well as their native tongue is used! I know one Christian Nigerian at Canberra City Uniting Church, a very helpful fun Christian.

I saw the Imam and Pastor DVD in Canberra City Uniting Church in September 2012. It helped me heal bitterness.

In August 2019 at Caboolture Presbyterian Church I heard Nigerian say Nigeria had high poverty and was mismanaged with high malnutrition and lack of jobs.

In September 2019, Nigerian from Caboolture talked non-stop on Facebook Messenger using phone on Facetime in his language with his friends back in Nigeria. They are homesick for their own language not just English but it is difficult for an English speaker like me to adjust to this foreign language right here in Australia over the Internet.

Africans use Facebook Messenger on their phone a lot to make free internet video calls to friends overseas or back home in their home country. It is a weird twist that Africans are outrunning West on adoption of technology as they only have phones and no computers so they use more phones on Internet than West does to communicate. Their poverty pushed them into using phones over computers so they leapfrogged the West.

In December 2019, random Nigerian on Facebook wanted to chat out of the blue. Beware which Facebook groups a person chats in. People will track person down and want to chat and not stop.

Africans are smart but poor.


There are many evangelical Ghanian churches after many European and Australian missionaries worked there in 19th and 20th Centuries. Now they are sending their own missionaries to Australia including Merrylands NSW when I was there in 2002.

In 2000 Living Word Worship Centre opened in Merrylands and moved to Greystanes in January 2019 and opened South Penrith branch, a Ghanaian Christian church, which was an answer to prayer to overcome pressure from muslims on me as Christian.

In September 2017, Ghanaian wants to work with me to create a business for him in Ghana. I suggested using Ghanaian groundwater open data for my Salt Table Helper app to help farmers with salt levels in their area.

In February 2019, Ghanaian in Ghana chatted with me on WhatsApp mobile app when I was in Caboolture. Strange stuff! He was a young Charismatic and an apprentice mobile repairer working on his kitchen table which I saw on video call over WhatsApp! He was a fervent Christian more enthusiastic than local Australian Christians with all their wealth and distractions killing their faith.

He was extreme so I had to block him on WhatsApp to stop his erratic posts and unrequested video calls. Africa is chaotic.


A French backpacker from Cameroon stayed in Orange NSW in March-April 2012. He loved rhythmic music!


SIM COVID-19 briefings including Liberia 28:19-, 1:13:00-

In 2012, I met ANU student from Liberia in Canberra City Uniting Church who later became Deputy Foreign Minister of Liberia. This country has had a civil war with refugees fleeing to Ghana.

Burkina Faso

SIM COVID-19 briefings including Burkina Faso 51:00-1:01:00


SIM medical

SIM COVID-19 briefings including Angola 10:25-13:00, 55:55-, 1:19:45-

SIM COVID-19 briefings 2 including Angola 50:28-


In December 2013, I met an Ethiopian refugee in Red Hill, Brisbane, who said Ethiopia was run by bad dictator for past 25 years. He is illiterate and I helped him learn English for free til I stopped and let someone else take up the burden.

Immigration said he was doing nothing wrong asking for free English lessons off me incessantly in my shared rented accommodation and suggested I move again, putting more pressure on me financially. Police can stop him harassing me.

Ethiopians need to remove Communist Ethiopian dictatorship with truth and solid foundations of medicine, education and good laws. There have been many killings and torture of opposition to dictator leading to refugees coming to Australia.


Chinese investment in Malawi $50M (loan) to build stadium in capital city Lilongwe 12/15


SIM COVID-19 briefings including Zambia 4:50-, 16:40-, 1:07:05-

Powerful! Zambia Christian nation declaration by President Frederick Chiluba, 1991. He was corrupt like all the rest and embezzled $46M (see Frederick Chiluba). Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Springwood Baptist Church Zambia Trip 2014 - build classroom in Fiwale

Zambian Kids singing at the Village of Hope orphanage (huge due to AIDS epidemic: 400-500 children) - Kitwe, Zambia

Since about 2010, Christian friend Michael Carew built and runs children's home in Garneton, Kitwe, Zambia. We knew each other at Melbourne University Student LIFE back in 1980 when I was studying MB,BS.

Lusaka is bridge from Zambia to Malawi.

In November 2019, I listened to man from CityHeart Presbyterian Church, Caboolture, Queensland, who had visited Zambia as volunteer and installed second hand computers from QUT in local university giving them a big leg up.


In Bible translation in Botswana it was hard to find word in local language that matched meaning in Bible Old Testament. I found this out from ex SIM missionary in Caboolture Baptist in June 2022. SIM missionary has taken 20 years to translate Bible into Botswana language Setswana.


SIM COVID-19 briefings including Zimbabwe 22:05-39:40

A coalition government has led to better services for citizens.

In 16 November 2017, Mugabe quit at age 93 years after 37 years as dictator when military seized control! Later he died with impunity for all the damage he had done.

Sierra Leone

In March 2017, I met a poor Christian man from Sierra Leone in Stones Corner, Brisbane, QLD.

Sierra Leone was a war torn country but no longer.

Australian WEC missionaries served in Sierra Leone in 1980s (Operation World: Sierra Leone).

An Ebola outbreak occurred from 2014 onwards. OpenStreetMap West Africa Ebola Response mashup was used by volunteers to map locations of outbreak to muster medical staff treating patients in epidemic and stopping its growth.

Mudslides in August 2017 due to high rainfall and poor urban development for poor people caused high deaths and chaos.


SIM COVID-19 briefings including Kenya 39:40-48:27

In February 2018, I met a Kenyan accountant who was a security guard in Brisbane. He told me about M-Pesa mobile payment system in Kenya and was very good at making a business profitable using accounting principals which helped my business strategy.


Bishop Mdimi Mhogolo, Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika, Tanzania was a Ridley College Melbourne theological student in 1980 when I was studying medicine at University of Melbourne and boarding at Ridley. He was great fun to talk to and always spiritual and deep.

DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo ex Zaire)




Large group of Burundi people go to St Marks Anglican church in Daisy Hill, Logan City Qld.


Xai Xai Mozambique - Africa Missions from mkeup on Vimeo.

Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)

In June 2019, I had to block IP address of spammer from Ivory Coast trying to extort money.

West Africa ex French colony


Guinea is a corrupt country with very poor medical services. Mercy Ships came into port and operated on over 800 patients as per SBS movie I saw in August 2019 on Channel 9 (Surgery Ship).

Mercy Ships in Guinea in 2019


West Africa ex French colony


In April 2023, GAFCON is holding GAFCON 23 or GAFCON IV in Kigali Rwanda (centre of Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (Evangelicals). Evangelical Anglican clergy are coming from Sydney and other parts of Australia, USA, UK and all over the world. This is since same sex marriage split in Church of England in UK.

Hierarchy example to make sense of GAFCON:

Gafcon23 - First day livestream 17/4/23 Kigali Rwanda

Gafcon23 - Second day livestream 18/4/23 Kigali Rwanda

Gafcon23 - Third day livestream 19/4/23 Kigali Rwanda

David Ould St John's Parramatta NSW Australia blog including GAFCON23

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