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What is an independent contractor?

There is some confusion between outsourcing and casual employment. Here is our take on the differences. Outsourcing means you give us a job (not we give you a job) and we decide how to do it and you get the results without saying how we achieve them. This is totally different from an employee where you can dictate exactly how we do it. Outsourcing is very flexible and gives us an edge over just employing someone. We have experience and can use that to do a better job than a basic employee can.

There is a very common attitude amongst bigger companies that a contractor is the same as an employee except that the contractor pays the superannuation and Workers compensation. In other words, they get a dedicated employee they can fire at will and not have to pay any of his overheads. We are against this attitude or misconception. Why should we take all the risk and make the bigger guy richer with no benefit to our business? It is unjust but very common. We have built up our own inhouse infrastructure and development techniques to protect us from the downward effects of power. I believe we are gradually clawing back the impact of bigger companies on us. We are getting stronger each time we are pushed down and get up again and are becoming more flexible, agile, resilient and tough to outrun devastation and prosper in spite of bad attitudes or ignorance from bigger companies to our little business who have tried to exploit or destroy us for their own advantage. Not all big business are this bad, but we seem to have had a high proportion of bad big customers so have grown wary.

See also Self Employed Australia trading name of Independent Contractors Australia.

Government Contracts

IT Project Management

We offer service at two levels:



We charge:

We work:

We outsource and advise on:

Our range


Mix of onsite and offsite:

Outsourcing Policy

We do not outsource to or let ourselves be leveraged off by:

How We Work With You:

Current Contracting Efforts

From 2011 onwards, we are working at connecting to large companies or government departments again to do tenders over the Internet or onsite.

From 2014 onwards, we work as third party mobile developer on large open data transport and scientific projects for government departments.

Tools we are training on include:


We also get tender updates on government tenders Australia wide direct from the government tender Websites in each state, territory and the Commonwealth. We are working on building up our expertise at tendering and acquiring adequate resources to win tenders.

In Orange in November 2011, I started to look into exporting software services to South Korea via Austrade.

In December 2011 in Orange, we also are looking at tendering to medium corporations in Sydney or Canberra who tender for embedded systems with the NSW State or ACT Government.

In this is included working with UNSPSC tendering classification for NSW, Queensland and WA Government tenders. We are librarians so can easily navigate this classification system to find relevant contracts for our capabilities.

From 2014 onwards, we attended Moreton Bay Region ICT & Digital Meetup run by RDA Moreton Bay at North Lakes QLD to increase networking and cross-pollinization.

From 2013, we attended Queensland DSITI Partners in Technology briefings to network and learn about government procurement system updates.

Early Outsourcing Efforts

We have not had any happy experiences contracting to large companies in Sydney in 2007.

The ugly side of dealing with a large company is its bureaucracy and they can ignore you if they think you should go through the bureaucracy to get paid.

If a customer wants to play hardball then we suffer so in that case we walk away and find other customers who are more friendly towards us.

If the customer plays around when we are trying to get a specification out of them, we are not keen to do business with them as they may not pay us. So we just avoid them like the plague.

We tried to work away from our base in Sydney in June 2007 to perform a contract for a large company but we had to wait a month to get paid and pay all our own expenses which put a lot of stress on cashflow so we have given up doing that for now till we re-establish a base in Sydney in the future and will only deal directly with the large company not through an agent.

We need to estimate transaction cost of doing business with them and pick companies who have a lower transaction cost to enable us to make a profit on one-off transactions.

Managing Customers

Virtualization, Mirroring and Cloud Computing

Complexities and Costs of Outsourcing

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